The People Who Bring You “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” Bet on YouTube Channel About … Dance?

One of the the first “funded” channels gets new backers.

ESPN’s Website Lets You Ask Jon Hamm a Question, and Get an Answer

Here’s another take on the future of video: An interactive Q&A with the “Mad Men” star.

Hollywood Goes Digital — But Not Too Digital. Sony Boss Michael Lynton’s Candid Dive Into Media Interview.

Technology changes everything about media, except for the stuff it doesn’t. A thoughtful chat with the studio boss behind “Skyfall” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”

The New Yorker Lands on the iPhone, With Help From Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm

Behind the scenes, some interesting tech. Out in front — a great promotional clip starring a Girl and a Mad Man.

“Mad Men” (Ad) Spoiler: Sex, Violence, Display Advertising Technology

That’s one way to (try) to break through the ad tech logjam. Let’s see if it works for Turn.
turn ad

Dish Network Doesn’t Want to Blow Up TV. It Wants to Pay Less for It.

How to negotiate, Charlie Ergen-style. Threaten, kind of credibly, to blow everything up.

Zou Bisou! Netflix Says It Brought a Million New Viewers to “Mad Men.”

Netflix, under fire for stealing eyeballs away from TV, says it’s boosting ratings for new shows.
Mad Men (Season 5)

Cable Fee Fight Takes Another Turn as Dish Networks Uses iTunes, Netflix and Amazon as Weapons

Wait long enough, or pay enough, and you can see repeats of last night’s “Mad Men” in lots of places. So why pay to see it on cable last night?

You Really Can Blame the Web for Shrinking TV Ratings — But You Have to Credit It for Boosting TV, Too

A new study confirms what you already knew: If you’re watching lots of stuff on Netflix, you’re watching less on TV. Except, people who watch Netflix sometimes watch more TV, too.
breaking bad

Want to Know What Consumers Think? Check Their Gut.

Consumer research disruptor GutCheck is back with a service aimed at polling fans of brands that gather on Facebook and Twitter.

Viral Video: Mad (Wo)Men