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Next Issue Media, the Hulu for iPad Magazines, Expands to Canada, Adds New Investor

Next Issue Media, the publishing industry’s attempt to create a Hulu-style joint venture for digital magazines, is expanding to Canada and taking on a new investor. The JV, whose members include Time Inc., Hearst and Conde Nast, will add Rogers Communications’ Roger Media unit as an equity partner; Rogers will add two executives to Next Issue’s board of directors.


Pushing Editorial Into World of Apps

The small startup 29th Street Publishing is quietly trying to revolutionize magazine publishing, one app at a time.

David Carey Says Hearst Is No Time Inc.

That is: The magazine publisher thinks his industry can come back. Here’s his plan.
Hearst David Carey

Why The Time Inc. Spinoff Could Work! (Spoiler: Requires Miracle.)

After all, it worked, more or less, for AOL and Time Warner Cable. Alas, Time Inc. is a different story.
ladder to sky


Time Warner Opts to Spin Off All Magazines

Time Warner Inc., a company partly named after a magazine, is getting out of the magazine business.

Time Warner Dumps Time Inc., and Wall Street Loves It

Even if the Meredith deal doesn’t go through — and it should — Jeff Bewkes is out of the magazine business. Investors are partying like it’s 2007.
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Time Inc. Cuts Come Tomorrow

After a year on the job, CEO Laura Lang makes her first big move. It won’t be pleasant.

Hearst Tries a New iPad Pitch: “Read Them Here First”

Want to get your hands on Megan Fox (or whoever’s on the cover of Esquire) before anyone else?
esquire digital excerpt