Twitter Tries Harder to Explain Itself

The microblogging company aims to make clear just what Twitter is to mainstream audiences.

Viral Video: Gimme That Old-Timey Journalism

The story: “Man Says It’s Too Hot to Fish.” And it is! Score one for mainstream media.

Exclusive: Microsoft Mulls Legally Poking Facebook Over Ad Talent Raid

Microsoft–furious over a recent talent grab of its top advertising exec by Facebook–has been considering a wide range of options, including legal action to block the move, according to sources close to the situation. While it might not come to that, tensions between the two companies, who have partnered closely in the past, are running high over the hiring of Carolyn Everson. She had been head of global ad sales at Microsoft and has been hired to be VP of global sales at Facebook.

AOL + Huffington Post Won't Go to 11. But It Does Make Sense.

Former AOL CEO Steve Case is right to call out current AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s fuzzy math. But that doesn’t mean this is a bad deal.

You've Got Arianna: AOL Buys Huffington Post for $315 Million in Cash and Stock, Appoints Huffington Editor in Chief

In a bold and definitive move, AOL is paying $315 million, mostly in cash, to buy the Huffington Post, one of the Web’s most prominent news and opinion sites. As part of the deal, Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington–who was derided by some when she co-founded the left-leaning site in 2005 with investor and well-known communications exec Kenneth Lerer–will become editor in chief of a new unit that has purview over all of AOL content properties. The deal was signed just this afternoon.

A New Social Network Where Inquiring Minds Run Wild

Katie takes a look at Quora, a question-and-answer site that encourages thoughtful—even long-winded—discussions.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on Platforms, Reliability and Independence at D@CES

Twitter has crossed the threshold from Web novelty into something substantial. Now Dick Costolo’s job is to turn it into a business–one big enough to justify the sky-high valuation investors have given the messaging company.

A CES Long Shot: Meet the Beamz, Guitar Hero's Odd Cousin

One of the little pleasures of the Consumer Electronics Show is checking out the quirky, weird stuff produced by small-time companies working off of a gut feeling. Like this odd game/instrument, which retails for $200.

Mac App Store Lacks Social Apps, Save for Twitter

Social apps are few and far between for the grand opening today of Apple’s Mac App Store, meant to be a desktop app marketplace equivalent to the highly successful app stores for Apple devices.

Even If It Had 500 Shareholders Today, Facebook Doesn’t Have to Disclose Financials Until Spring of 2012

For all those in a tizzy about Facebook’s deal with Goldman Sachs, which some think is designed to circumvent securities rules related to shareholder numbers and financial disclosure, meet Section 12(g)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Because if anyone cared to read the actual text of the ruling in question, even if it was determined that Facebook had 500 shareholders at this very moment, it is not technically required to disclose any of its financial details until the end of April of 2012.

Web Commerce Isn't Really Social…Yet

Winklevii Vs. Zuck: Who'd You Rather?