AllThingsD Week in Review: Snapchat’s Many Suitors, and Finding the Fastest 4G LTE Signal

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

I’m Still Here: Stock Soars as Groupon Shows Stronger-Than-Expected Q1 Revenue

On the other hand, I could use a nice cup of hot growth.


Best Buy Halts U.S. Sales Decline

Best Buy Co. reported a narrower fourth-quarter loss on Friday on its first increase in U.S. same-store sales in more than a year, the latest evidence that the beleaguered electronics retailer is slowly stabilizing its battered business.

The Stickiness of iOS Makes It Tough for Apple Users to Stray

Something to keep in mind as Apple transitions from growth stock to value stock: Users have so much invested in iTunes and the Apple ecosystem that switching is expensive.

Amazon Surges to New Highs on Expectation of Positive Holiday Report

Amazon’s fourth-quarter sales should be up as much as 30 percent year over year, or double the overall e-commerce market.

iPad Mini “The Next Big Thing” in China

“Insatiable demand.”

Five Reasons Why: What Groupon’s Board Is Evaluating About Andrew Mason’s Performance

Here are some of the things the board will be taking into consideration tomorrow as part of its evaluation as to whether Mason should stay or go.
Andrew Mason

As iTunes Cards Come to “Gifts,” Apple and Facebook Meet Under the Mistletoe

Happy holidays, Facebook friends! Have a Bieber album, on me.

As Facebook Gears Up for E-Commerce Holidays, Social Gifting Start-Ups Buckle Down

Facebook is set to unveil an update to its Gifts feature, and all of the social gifting start-up competition is aflutter.

It’s an iStorm: Scott Forstall Out at Apple, Along With Retail Head, as Other Top Execs Get Promotions

Apparently, there are storms in the West, too.