Viral Audio: While Arrington Fiddles and Bartz Erupts, My Cup o’ Crazy Runneth Over

Do I have something to say about the clown circuses going on at both Yahoo and AOL this week? You bet I do.

D7 Interview: Jon Miller and Owen Van Natta Say MySpace Needs to Innovate

A couple of years ago, MySpace was the hottest thing on the Web. But that was a couple of years ago. Now the social network has gone cold: It is losing audience to Facebook and other sites and may well lose a very lucrative search deal with Google. Fixing MySpace is the chief priority of Jon Miller, the former AOL boss who was brought on as News Corp.’s chief digital officer in March. About a month after that, Miller brought on former Facebook executive Owen Van Natta and a new management team to run MySpace, displacing the site’s founders. Time for Van Natta to tell us just how he intends to save what was once one of the most important sites on the Web. And time for Miller to explain the digital future for the rest of News Corp.–which happens to own this conference.
Jon Miller and Owen Van Natta

Kara Visits With PBS MediaShift Blogger Mark Glaser

Recently, BoomTown had a lovely lunch with PBS new media blogger Mark Glaser. Glaser is a longtime free-lance journalist whom I first noticed when he wrote a weekly column for the USC Annenberg School of Communication’s Online Journalism Review, post-Web 1.0 bubble, as well as for the most excellent “Media Grok” daily email newsletter for the now-defunct Industry Standard back in the midst of the froth. He was always able to cut through that with a clear-headed tone–while maintaining a respect for what was good about traditional journalism, as well as an excitement about the possibilities of new media. Here’s a video interview I did with Glaser about where new media is today.