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Appcelerator Buys API Connector Singly

Mobile platform company Appcelerator has bought Singly, an application programming interface integration tool that had much promise and had raised a $7 million Series A round just over a year ago, but only had a few customers (for instance, TimeHop, the nostalgic app that brings back old social media posts). Appcelerator has proven much more popular, with 500,000 mobile developers signed up. Though smaller, the deal follows other recent API startup acquisitions Parse and Mashery.

Intel Acquires API Manager Mashery

A little more software-y at Intel.

Mashery Is the Latest to Be Snared by Craigslist’s Copyright Crusade

Craigslist appears to be employing a scorched-earth strategy.
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Amazon's Cloud Crash Is Over, But the Talking About It Isn't

The big crash of Amazon’s cloud that brought down hundreds of other Internet companies that rely upon it is over. Now everyone who was affected in one way or another is comparing notes on how they coped or didn’t. And for cloud providers not named Amazon, there’s going to be an obvious business opportunity.

Seven More Questions for Gil Elbaz, CEO of the Data Mercenary Factual

Four months after landing $25 million in venture capital funding, Factual’s CEO talks about solving the problem of data “haves” and “have-nots.”