Dough Boys: Here’s Benchmark’s $425 Million Fund Filing Document

Take the money and run!

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K-12 Education Start-Up Edmodo Raises a Quick Series C

After raising $15 million in a round led by Greylock Partners’ Reid Hoffman and Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler late last year, Edmodo has now already added another $25 million led by NEA’s Tony Florence. Edmodo counts eight million registered users, which include each of its K-12 schools and districts, which also now compose a larger superset of teachers who congregate by subject area community on the site.

Sarah Lacy Debuts New Tech Site, PandoDaily — $2M+ in Funding and Guess Who’s Working for Her? (Video)

Here’s the brave woman who will be the new boss of Michael Arrington, M.G. Siegler and Paul Carr. (You read that right.)

Reid Hoffman and Matt Cohler Team Up to Give Edmodo $15M

Edmodo, which helps K-12 teachers and schools create private social networks for their classrooms, has raised $15 million.

Dibs! Obscure Marketplace Company Nabs Former DoubleClick CEO David Rosenblatt.

The low profile of online luxury marketplace 1stdibs evaporates today, with the appointment of David Rosenblatt as CEO and an injection of capital from high-profile Silicon Valley venture firm Benchmark.

Meet Domo, the Latest Chapter in the Josh James Saga

The former CEO of Omniture bought a company in his home state of Utah, and then renamed it, but not before having a lot of fun along the way. And? He just raised $33 million.

Instagram Raises $7M Led by Benchmark

The photo-sharing community Instagram this morning announced it has closed $7 million in a first-round funding led by Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler.

The Facebook Hedgehog Mascot (And Yelp Competitor) That Never Was

Early in its life, Facebook explored making a hedgehog its mascot at the urging of founding president Sean Parker, according to another early Facebook employee.

Path: The Social App That's Not Viral (By Design)

While there are many interesting photo-sharing apps out these days, Dave Morin and Path are the most convincing about there being a larger idea behind what they’re doing. San Francisco-based Path is stubbornly focused on close personal connections–a.k.a. real friends.

The Facebook Movie: Sorry, Mark–But Critics Like It, They Really Like It! (Plus the Taiwanesed Version!)

The Facebook movie is finally here, the reviews are in and–no surprise–the critics are raving. After all, it was done by Hollywood pros with director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin, who have apparently transformed the appalling badly penned and very fictional book “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal” by Ben Mezrich into some bit of cinematic art. But that’s not BoomTown talking, so here is a rundown of five reviews by top critics.

Facebook's Matt Cohler to Benchmark

Kara Visits DLD in Germany: EuroSchmoozing!

Kara Visits DLD in Germany

Pop Quiz: If Skype=Hype, Then Facebook=?

Attack of the Vice Presidents at Facebook