Why Would Anyone Buy BlackBerry Now?

Not exactly an attractive acquisition target.

iPhone Sales Should Get a Modest Lift From T-Mobile

The wild card? T-Mobile isn’t subsidizing the phones.

iPhone 5 a Hit Based on Key “Line Length” Metric

The lines for the iPhone 5 are 83 percent longer than they were for the iPhone 4S, says Piper Jaffray.

Apple Could Sell 12 Million New iPads This Quarter

“Apple has sold ~750,000 new iPads per day since launch on Friday.”

Betcha Apple Sold a Lot of iPhones This Quarter

Is 30 million for the December quarter too high — or not high enough?

We Now Return You to Our Previously Scheduled iPhone Estimates

That Q4 miss? Already forgotten.

iPhone 4S: It’s the Software, Stupid.

Though it might seem more incremental upgrade than new iPhone, Wall Street analysts say Apple’s iPhone 4S isn’t nearly the disappointment that some claim.

Analysts Confident in Apple’s Prospects

Analysts say Steve Jobs’s resignation as CEO of Apple won’t have a measurable impact on Apple’s financial performance.

Apple Television: A $100 Billion Opportunity

Think Apple’s market cap is high now? Just wait until it launches that long-rumored television set …

MacBook Refresh Could Spur Already Unseasonably High Mac Sales

The second quarter is typically one of Apple’s weakest for Mac sales. Not this year, though. According to the latest data from NPD, Mac sales are already up more than 20 percent year-over-year this quarter, and they’re likely to rise higher still thanks to Apple’s recent refresh of its MacBook Pro line.

Dell Buys 3Par for $1.15 Billion

Apple to Investors: You're Welcome