Apple to Investors: You’re Welcome

Apple’s first quarter was a blowout, as was the one before it. So too is the company’s latest. Reporting second-quarter earnings after the bell Tuesday, Apple rolled out the big numbers once again. The company posted a profit of $3.07 billion on revenue that rose 49 percent to $13.5 billion.

Windows Phone OS 7.0: Nowhere Near as Clunky as its Name Implies

It’s a real pity that Microsoft’s new Windows Phone OS 7.0 won’t be available until the end of the year, because it seems–at first glance, anyway–to be a robust and elegant offering. Certainly, it is a departure from what we’ve come to expect from Microsoft in the mobile space.

BoomTown's 1998 Rob Glaser Profile: A Web Pioneer Does a Delicate Dance With Microsoft

BoomTown did an interview last night with outgoing RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser after the announcement yesterday of his departure from the company he founded and led for 16 years. That will be posted later today, but here is a profile I wrote about Glaser when I was covering the Internet for The Wall Street Journal. It’s from Feb. 12, 1998, and focuses on Glaser’s decidedly complicated relationship with his former employer, Microsoft.

A Clicker To Watch TV Online

Katherine Boehret looks at, which helps viewers find their favorite shows online faster.

Microsoft Packs The New Zune HD With Bells, Whistles And Plenty of Style

The new Zune HD offers a rich screen and a wealth of artist information, but it can’t compete with iPod Touch’s app offerings.

Spare Change for Apple, RIM or Palm Shares?

Wise is the investor holding shares in Apple, Research in Motion and/or Palm, because these companies are the triumvirate of tech’s new world order. This according to RBC analyst Mike Abramsky, who in a research note today says all three are positioned for leadership in the “huge, nascent and underpenetrated” smartphone market.

iPhone Claims 32 Percent of Handset Industry Operating Profits

Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi estimates that Apple, though it is only the fifth-largest handset vendor, claimed nearly a third of handset industry profits in the first half of 2009.

Think of It as an AT&T-Free iPhone

The next iteration of Apple’s iPod touch will boast not just a camera, but a microphone as well. That’s the latest rumor, anyway–this one from a “well-connected” Wired source who claims the device is already being manufactured with an eye toward a September launch.

The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Videos

RealPlayer SP grabs videos from the Web and converts and transfers them to over a dozen portable devices. While other software programs perform two or just one of these tasks, RealPlayer’s trio of talent make it like a digital Swiss army knife.

iPhone Maker Seeks Faster Boat to China

“We will enter Asia with the iPhone in 2008…we will one day enter China, we’re not saying when.” Apple COO Tim Cook said that back in March of 2008, and it’s a good thing he declined to offer a more specific timeline. Because here we are, well over a year later, and Apple still hasn’t managed to officially launch the iPhone to China. But it’s getting closer.

MySpace Boots Pervs

Zune to Be Forgotten?

Microsoft Announces Live Mess