Viral Video: Stuffy Actors Reading Inane Social Media Is a Promising Meme

A stirring debate over the Biebs and Harry Styles.

Meme’s Life

The rapid shortening in the lifespan of a meme is apparent. It used to take months for a meme to run its course. Now, it’s a good meme if it lasts a week.

— Cheezburger founder and CEO Ben Huh, to the Guardian’s Adam Davidi

Viral Video: More Google Glass Photographer Spoofing (The Gift That Keeps on Giving)

Don’t try this at home (or anywhere, really)!

Can the Hedge Fund Dudes Save Groupon’s Stock?

The capitalist kind can be very helpful.
pigs to rescue

On Twitter, U R So Not My Valentine

As far as Twitter memes go, this one isn’t exactly going to topple a dictatorship. But it could cause some breakups.

Know Your Memes of the Year

Know Your Meme’s Top 10 memes of 2011 include Rebecca Black, planking and Nyan Cat — which you’ve either never heard of or think are dreadfully out of date.

Happy T-Day From Honey Badger (And to All a Good Pepper Spray!)

You know who don’t give a s*&#@? You got that right.

Annoying Orange Finally Gets Some Much-Deserved Juice From Cartoon Network (Video)

Hey, Apple. Hey, Apple.

"I Wrote the Fake MLK Viral Quote!" "No, I Wrote the Fake MLK Viral Quote!" [UPDATED]

Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t say it, and magician/satirist Penn Jillette says he did. Except so does someone named Jessica Dovey.

Cheezburger's $30M Gets the Taiwanese Animator Send-Up

Next Media Animation depicts Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh as an evil stealer of memes, over-worker of cats and receiver of Internet flames. It’s pretty funny.