Microsoft’s Xbox One Costs $90 More to Build Than Sony’s PS4, Teardown Shows

Another unprofitable gaming system hits the shelves.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Costs $381 to Build — Only $18 Under Retail Price — In Teardown

A tiny profit margin and maybe even a loss.

I’m So Over Oversharing: On Making Our Digital Lives More Real

The next generation of sharing apps could bring a bit more authenticity than the last. We can only hope.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Pried Open and Its Profitable Secrets Start Bursting Out

Is Apple curtailing the parts it buys from Samsung? Maybe.

News Byte

Micron Technology Picks Up Former Nvidia Exec

Michael Rayfield, former head of Nvidia’s mobile business unit working on system-on-a-chip computing hardware, has been named vice president of wireless solutions at Micron Technology, the company announced Tuesday. In his new position, Rayfield will manage the development of DRAM, flash memory and other hardware aimed specifically at mobile devices. Before Nvidia, Rayfield held positions at Texas Instruments and Cisco.

It’s Official: The Era of the Personal Computer Is Over

Long live personal computing.

Fusion-io Looks Ahead, Sees Streets Paved With Golden Flash Chips

Flash memory is going everywhere. Naturally, Fusion-io’s stock is going up.

With Elpida Buy, Micron Leaps Into Second Place in World Memory Market

The deal marks the end of a decade long-quest by Micron to buy an Asian player.

Fusion-io Brings Flash Madness to Workstations and Movies Like “Hugo”

Long focused primarily on servers, Fusion-io is now going after professional workstations, like the ones used by visual effects artists.

HP Envy Spectre 14: A Premium Ultrabook, at a Premium Price

HP’s Ultrabook, the Envy Spectre 14, is a good-looking, fast laptop. Is it worth $1,400?
HP Envy Spectre PNG6

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