Yahoo’s Head of Middle East and Africa Departs for New Social TV Startup Aimed at Emerging Markets

A new venture is aimed at the growing mobile viewership in the Middle East and Africa.

Time Warner Put the “For Sale” Sign on Time Inc. Last Fall

Jeff Bewkes and company used to insist they wanted to hang on to their magazine business. They stopped saying that in September.
Jeff Bewkes


In Defense of the CEO

A $90,000 area rug, a pair of guest chairs that cost almost as much, a $35,000 toilet and a $1,400 trash can — these are just a few of the expenses from a remodeling of John Thain’s office when he took over as Merrill Lynch’s chief executive officer in December 2007.

SigFig Rolls Out a Smarter Piggy Bank to Help People Invest More Wisely

San Francisco-based SigFig is rolling out a new type of investment service that makes managing investment portfolios way easier.

Add Another Log to the Fire: HP Employees Grumble About Loss of Stock Grants

Executives at Hewlett-Packard are upset that a key stock-based benefit has evaporated before their very eyes. Even the man many blame, fired CEO Léo Apotheker, got hit.

Silicon Valley Vets Aim to Bring Personal Financial Services to the Masses

Bill Harris, former CEO of Intuit and PayPal, is unveiling his latest company today: Personal Capital, which melds technology with financial advisory services.


Skullcandy IPO? Check Your Head.

If anyone needs proof the tech sector has entered extra-frothy, double-latte territory, it’s best to look past the immense valuations discussed for Groupon or Facebook.

TV Studios Aren’t Buying Apple’s 99-Cent Rentals

Better run a diagnostic on the reality distortion field.…“We think the rest of the studios will see the light and get on board pretty fast,” Steve Jobs said earlier this month of the TV studios wary of its new 99-cent iTunes TV rentals initiative. And while it’s never wise to bet against the Apple CEO, it’s beginning to look like “pretty fast” was an optimistic choice of words.

DST's Alexander Tamas Talks About New Investors, New Investments and Dealing With Troubling Russian Stereotypes

After Russia-based Internet investor Digital Sky Technologies got $388 million in a stock-swapping deal with South Africa media giant Naspers — coming after an earlier $300 million investment from China’s Internet behemoth Tencent — BoomTown dialed up DST partner Alexander Tamas in London to interview him about the implications. This developing international spiderweb of digital and media companies begged the question of what DST might do with all this new dough, especially since it has created quite a splash over the last year investing massive gobs of money in high-profile, social-focused U.S. Internet companies.

2010: Year of the Palm? Maybe Not…

2010: Year of the Palm?

Android Invasion