A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden: “Asking Is Always Cheaper Than Spying” (Video)

Then again, Santa has been using a magic snowball to naughty-or-nice monitor us at no cost for centuries now.

Yahoo Says Mail Functionality Is Returning, but Some Users Might Be Missing Up to Two Weeks of Email

Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone.

On CEO’s First Anniversary, Yahoos Get to “ThxMarissa!” (Best Internal Memo I Ever Held.)

Thank you, thank you very much — for the 73 percent stock rise since last year.

Which Messaging App Is Right for You?

It might seem like there are more mobile messaging apps out there than there are friends to send texts to. Here’s a guide to how they work.


He Texts, She Tweets — Are They E-Compatible?

Dear Friends and Family: I love you and miss you and want to hear from you. But you’ve got to stop spamming me.


Lawyers Get Vigilant on Cybersecurity

As hackers step up attacks on law firms, attorneys are being forced to master a subject few of them studied in law school: Cybersecurity.

A New Email Encryption App Your Network Admin Might Not Like

A new app called Enlocked promises to make it super easy for the average consumer to send encrypted emails.

Twitter Tells Advertisers to Dig Deeper: "Promoted Trends" Get a Price Hike

Twitter’s popular ad units could see prices go up by 25 percent or more in the next few months. Also: Here’s how “Promoted Accounts” really work, and how much a new follower will cost you.

Bubbly "Voice Twitter" Service Launches in the Philippines

I last wrote about Bubble Motion, provider of the Bubbly mobile messaging service, exactly a year ago. At the time, the company had 150,000 users. Today, it has more than seven million.

Google Deal for SayNow to Make Google Voice More Interesting

Ever since GrandCentral became Google Voice, it’s been a lot less fun to use. Maybe that’s one of the reasons behind today’s acquisition by Google of SayNow, which made its name connecting celebrities with fans.

Yahoo Acquires Ad Start-Up Dapper