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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Headed to 50 New Markets by November 1

Apple’s newest iPhones will arrive at market in more than 50 countries by Nov. 1. On Oct. 25, the flagship iPhone 5s and its sibling, the iPhone 5c, will go on sale in 35 new markets, including Austria, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Spain and Taiwan. A week later, on Nov. 1, the devices will begin shipping in an additional 35 countries. Among them: India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. You’ll find a full list of the markets Apple has targeted for the next wave of iPhone releases here.

So Much for BlackBerry’s “Clear Shot” at Being No. 3 in the Smartphone Market

It’s not BlackBerry that has a clear shot at becoming the No. 3 platform in the smartphone market; it’s Windows Phone.

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Mexican Court Tosses $2.75 Billion Award Against Yahoo

The folks at Yahoo are breathing a bit easier on word today that the Superior Court of Justice for the Federal District in Mexico reversed a lower court’s preliminary damage award of $2.75 billion won in a suit filed by Worldwide Directories and Ideas Interactivas. The plaintiffs had sued Yahoo and Yahoo Mexico over alleged breach of contract and lost profits of a yellow pages listing service. The latest ruling leaves intact only $172,500 in damages against Yahoo Mexico. An appeal is possible.


Apple Suffers Setback in Dispute Over iPhone Name in Mexico

Mexico’s Supreme Court rejected Apple’s appeal against a ruling that a technology services firm owns and makes proper use of the “Ifone” brand name in the country.

Q4 Earnings Call: Mayer Says “Chain Reaction” Needed to Blast Yahoo Into the Future

Turnaround via nuclear fission.


The Next Emerging Tech Powerhouse: Latin America

Hackathons and pitch contests indistinguishable from those in Silicon Valley, but in Spanish.

How E-Commerce Is Expanding Internationally, One Package at a Time

Retailers are realizing that another way to juice revenues is to open up their sites to international markets — if they can manage the logistics.

Nokia to Cut 4,000 Manufacturing Jobs as It Shifts Production Work

The Finnish cellphone maker plans to reduce the amount of work done at plants in Hungary, Mexico and Salo, Finland.

Facing Real-World Violence, Anonymous Backs Down From Drug Cartel

A planned campaign by the hacking troupe Anonymous against a Mexican drug cartel is called off. The threat of getting arrested is one thing. The all-too-real threat of getting killed is quite another.

U.S. Strikes Deals With Canada and Mexico for Spectrum Sharing in Border Areas

The Federal Communications Commission said Monday it had reached accords with our neighbors to the north and south on sharing certain wireless spectrum in border areas.
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LinkedIn Reaches 100 Million Users

My Kid Is an Honor Student at iTunes U

BoomTown Visits Geeks in Mexico