Charting Yahoo's Q1 Search Stumble: The PDF of MicroHoo

Earlier today, Yahoo reported its first-quarter earnings, which showed revenue and earnings declines, which the Silicon Valley Internet portal said was due to its search and advertising partnership with Microsoft.

Here’s more deets to peruse and numbers to crunch–in order to figure out whether to blame Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer or not.

Yahoo's Q1 Earnings: The Revenue Growth Drought Continues Due to MicroHoo Search Fall-Off

Yahoo announced its first-quarter earnings today, showing a continued worrisome revenue growth stall, due in large part to declines in search revenue from its partnership with Microsoft. The Silicon Valley Internet giant reported revenues of $1.06 billion, down six percent from a year ago, on net earnings of 17 cents a share, down 28 percent.

Yahoo Earnings Preview: Display Revs Yay!?! (Search Not-So-Yay)

Will Yahoo’s revenue growth drought finally end this quarter? We’ll see tomorrow when Yahoo reports its first-quarter earnings, after the markets close. As usual, investors will be looking for some sign that the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s lackluster revenue results have improved in CEO Carol Bartz’s over-promised but still under-delivered turnaround effort.

Digital's Deadliest Catch, Part Two: The MicroHoo Search Transition Team's Nelson and Morrissey Speak!

Yesterday, BoomTown posted Part One of an interview with Microsoft’s Greg Nelson and Yahoo’s Mark Morrissey. They are in charge of a two-year effort to coordinate a massive search and online advertising partnership, the result of a deal the companies struck last year. Here’s the second part of the hour-long chat we had.

Digital's Deadliest Catch, Part One: The MicroHoo Search Integration Team's Nelson and Morrissey Speak!

After months of trying, BoomTown was finally granted an audience with the two key execs who are now responsible for one of the diciest digital jobs going right now: Microsoft’s Greg Nelson and Yahoo’s Mark Morrissey. The pair’s two-year task is to coordinate the massive search and online advertising partnership the companies struck last year, a job that is perhaps one of the more complex and critical to their businesses going forward. In other words, this effort is essentially the search equivalent of herding cats. Thus, here is the first part of two of an edited transcript of much of my hour-long interview with Nelson and Morrissey, in which we talked about a range of issues from operations to culture to codependency.

Government Elects MicroHoo Chief Google Catcher (Plus Bartz Videos on the Deal Approval)

Even the Justice Department gets it. It said the MicroHoo deal is pretty much about catching Google. But with a combined market share at less than half of Google’s, of course, that is an awfully tall marching order for the search and online advertising partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo, which just got the government’s seal of approval.

Burkle to Leave Yahoo Board–Is Bartz Solidifying Control (And Is Bostock Next)?

Like victims in the thriller, “Ten Little Indians,” the directors of Yahoo involved in its Microsoft takeover debacle are moving off its board. Today, it’s billionaire businessman Ron Burkle doing the leaving, after serving since 2001, when he was brought onto the Internet giant’s board by former CEO Terry Semel. He’s the third director to depart since CEO Carol Bartz took over a little more than a year ago.

Microsoft Second-Quarter Earnings Call: Put on a Happy Face?

It was back to normal for Microsoft, at least if you looked at its stellar results in the second quarter, which the software giant reported earlier today. BoomTown liveblogged the company’s call with Wall Street analysts, which began at 2:30 pm PT today. It was hard to tell if Microsoft–which has been one of the grumpier tech companies publicly, due to its weaker results over the last year–would start to put on a happy face or not.

What Does Yahoo's Search Decline Mean and–More to the Point–Can It Be Stopped?

“Microsoft eats, sleeps and drinks search,” said one Yahoo source to me this week. “And we just don’t.” That was one very stark way of explaining why Yahoo, the No. 2 search player, continues to lose market share in the lucrative online arena, even as Microsoft’s Bing service has been slowly gaining. With new features, integration and marketing, the Internet giant said it will be turning that around soon. But the question remains: How long does Yahoo have to do so?

Yahoo Adds New Privacy Tool for Users Today, Just as FTC Privacy Hearings Start (and Microhoo Regulatory Approval Is Pending)

Yahoo announced a new consumer tool this morning, called “Ad Interest Manager,” that gives users a “central place where Yahoo! visitors can see a concise summary of their online activity….” What fortuitous timing, since the first of three of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Exploring Privacy: A Roundtable Series” begins this morning in Washington, D.C. And, of course, the bigger backdrop is the pending regulatory approval of the massive search and advertising partnership with Microsoft.

Center for Digital Democracy's Jeff Chester Talks About MicroHoo and More!

While in Washington, D.C., BoomTown can’t just visit the policy wonks from Internet companies, so I paid a visit to Jeff Chester, the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group that works to promote privacy and protection online. In other words, a professional–and much needed–thorn in the side of Facebook, Google and these days, MicroHoo.

The MicroHoo Juggernaut (Or Not)

My Bing-a-Ling

Mashup of OK Go and MicroHoo!