AMD-SeaMicro Deal Shows Strange Server Bedfellows

Companies that need to catch up to competitors sometimes try what seem like odd ideas. The deal by chip maker Advanced Micro Devices to buy server maker SeaMicro seems to fit the pattern, and it isn’t the only option that was considered.

Waiting for Windows 8

Walt answers a reader’s question on whether to wait for Windows 8 before buying a new computer.

Federico Faggin on the First 40 Years of the Microprocessor — And the Next 40 (Video)

Speaking on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Intel 4004 processor he created, Federico Faggin reflects on that first chip, and where technology is heading in the next 40 years.

China Supercomputer Uses Homegrown Chips

China has for the first time unveiled a supercomputer using domestically developed microprocessor chips, the latest in a series of developments showing the country’s new competitiveness in a field long dominated by U.S. technology.

The Problem With Those Rumors of an AMD Buyout

Rumors are rumors, but the ones that emerged yesterday that chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices is ripe for a buyout don’t take into consideration the numerous complications that stand in the way of such a deal getting done. AMD’s relationship with Intel is a big one.

Could a Settlement Between Intel and Nvidia Happen Today?

Could their dispute over a 2004 agreement end today? [UPDATE: Yes, they settled, in a new $1.5 billion licensing deal.]


AMD to Start Shipping "Fusion" Chips

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said it has begun shipping its first chips that combine microprocessor and graphics circuitry on the same piece of silicon, fulfilling the promise of a costly 2006 acquisition that reshaped the company.


Intel Chief Chips Away at Plan Beyond PCs

Intel Corp. Chief Executive Paul Otellini is making acquisitions to compete beyond PCs. Mr. Otellini pulled off three deals this summer aimed at building Intel’s business outside computing, where its microprocessor chips dominate.


AMD: After Hours Gains Gone; Focus Turns To Processor Delay

Well, the new era of good feeling for Advanced Micro Devices shares didn’t last very long. AMD spikes in after hours trading after the company posted better-than-expected revenues and profits for the second quarter, the stock has reversed and is trading meaningfully lower this morning, as attention turns to a noteworthy production delays for a much-anticipated “Fusion” chip code-named Llano that combines a microprocessor with a graphics processor.

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs Live at D8

Qualcomm may not be a household name, but it probably should be. The company commercialized the CDMA mobile standard and its chips can be found in many of today’s smartphones. Though if things play out as Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs would like, they’ll soon be showing up in a wide variety of consumer electronics devices as well.
Paul Jacobs

Signs of Life in the PC Chip Market

Ellison: By MySQL, I Mean Larry’s SQL

404: Intel General Counsel Not Found

AMD Earnings Better When Ignored

New From AMD: The Impresseron