Xbox One: Digital Home Base for the Living Room

Though the Xbox One is still geared toward gamers, it will appeal to a broader audience with its variety of apps and ways of watching TV.
Xbox One

At Work With Microsoft Office on an iPhone

Office Mobile is a solid app that does a good job of making you forget you’re working on a small screen, but it comes with many limitations, says Katie.
Microsoft Office for iOS

Buy the Stroller Now or Wait for a Price Drop? adds children’s gear to the range of products whose prices it forecasts.

KatieCam: Steven Sinofsky Does Yoga Every Day (Video)

No wonder he seemed so at peace with Microsoft at D11.
sinofsky yoga

A PC and Tablet “Brick” for the Price of One

The Asus Transformer AiO offers dual software and hardware systems, but they don’t offset a weighty downside.
Asus Transformer AiO

A Fresh New Office Finds a Place in the Cloud

Microsoft’s newest version of Office is a radical change from previous versions. It’s more closely tied to the cloud and has a surprising new price model.

Flip, Slide and Touch: New Machines for a New OS

Katie on the new touch-enabled devices that are designed to run Windows 8.

Is Hotmail Hotter Now That It’s

Microsoft is giving its 16-year-old Web-email service a total overhaul and a new name. The results are impressive.

Bing Goes Sleek and More Social

Microsoft’s revamped search engine shows promise — if users can adapt.
Bing's Snapshot column helps users do things like make a hotel reservation. Its Sidebar column, far right, shows friends who may have answers to help with a person's current search.

When the Devices Are Done

Companies offer a myriad of ways consumers can recycle their old electronics.

Xbox Grows, With Users, Beyond Videogames

Mango Phone: A Peach of a Late Bloomer

Nintendo’s 3DS Brings Dizzying Fun On the Go

It’s Hard to Cut the Charging Cords

Three Funky Mice Made for Laptops

When You Wish Upon a List

Xbox Kinect: Just How Controlling Can a Body Be?

New Nook Brings a Little Color to E-Reading

Video Editing Made Easier

Putting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Through Its Paces

Making Hotmail Hot Again

Microsoft Reaches for the Sky With Its Kin Phone

With Video Chatting, It’s a Small World After All

Turning a Web Page Into a Keeper

A Leash on Mobile Devices That Wander