CreativeLive Raises $21.5M for Live Online Classes

CreativeLive says it stands out from the pack because of its emphasis on live teaching.

Former MTV Exec Mika Salmi Thinks Live Online Education Is the Next Big Thing (Video)

It might have been the biggest MOOC ever when 150,000 people tuned in for a weeklong CreativeLive Photoshop course.

Digital Marketing Start-Up Thismoment Raises $7.3 Million From Sierra Ventures

Another day, another pile of funding for a social marketing start-up.

Zapd Aims for the Big Leagues With Web Publishing Mobile App (Plus Video)

Pressplane has launched its latest creation, called Zapd, an iPhone application that allows you to build a Web site from the phone in 60 seconds. Here’s the story of two very enthusiastic entrepreneurs who believe they’ve stumbled upon something great.

News Byte

Stealthy Seattle Start-Up Raises $400,000 More in Capital

Pressplane, a Seattle-based company flying under the radar, has raised an additional $400,000 in capital to fund work on a new “mobile platform.” It isn’t saying much yet, but TechFlash reports that it’s called Zapd, which could make it a potential follow-up to Inkd, a marketplace it built for graphic design. Investors in the round consist of a who’s who of angel investing in Seattle, including Mike Slade, Nick Hanauer, Pete Higgins, Rich Barton, Erik Blachford, John Cunningham and others. Another investor, Mika Salmi–former CEO of Atom Films–is joining as chairman.