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Rovio Chairman Invests in HTML5 Startup Goo Technologies

Rovio chairman and angel investor Kaj Hed has invested an undisclosed amount in Goo Technologies, a startup focused on high-end game graphics for HTML5. Hed owns 70 percent of Rovio, but his private investment firm Moor is legally separate from the Angry Birds studio, where his son Mikael Hed is the CEO. Goo Technologies is about a year and a half old, and focuses on high-quality graphics for cross-platform games, made possible via HTML5 and WebGL. Demos of its work are available here.

Rovio Pigs Out on Angry Birds Franchise After Less-Than-Amazing Alex

Is Rovio destined to be a one-hit wonder?

Moving Beyond Angry Birds, Rovio Releases Amazing Alex

The game will serve as a testbed for how well the Finnish game maker can expand beyond its Angry Birds franchise.

Rovio Passes a Billion Angry Birds Downloads, Still Mulling IPO

When, whether and where to go public is up to Rovio’s owners, CEO Mikael Hed tells AllThingsD.

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Rovio Adds Futuremark Game Studio to Its Flock

Rovio is doing a good job of keeping its name in the headlines after the launch of Angry Birds Space. Yesterday it said the game had racked up 10 million downloads in three days, and today the company announced that it had purchased Helsinki-based Futuremark Games Studio, its second acquisition. Rovio did not disclose terms, but said it now has 300 employees.

I Went to Espoo, Finland, and All I Got Was This Angry Birds T-Shirt (And Plush Toy, And …)

AllThingsD stopped by Rovio’s headquarters in Espoo, Finland, last month, to get a gander at where those Angry Birds hang out.

Rovio Shows Off Angry Birds Space — From Space

The Finnish game maker showed off the first game play for the forthcoming outer-space-themed sequel, making the announcement from the International Space Station.
Angry Birds Space on Galaxy Note

How the Angry Birds Almost Died Before the First Level

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed recalls how his father mortgaged his grandparents’ home to fund the game’s development.
Rovio CEO Mikael Hed

Rovio’s CEO on Growing His Flock and Whether to Fly Solo

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed talks about how the company plans to ride the backs of its flagship Angry Birds and become an entertainment powerhouse.