A Contrarian Futurist

Remember when we used to spend our days looking down at those little screens?

Petraeus Competency

The scary thing about the Petraeus affair: The CIA director and a Phd in counterterrorism are too incompetent to secure their own email.

Greg Koenig, via Twitter


Pentagon Digs In on Cyberwar Front

The U.S. military is accelerating its cyberwarfare training programs in an aggressive expansion of its preparations for conflict on an emerging battlefield.

2012: Siri Is a Stunner, Amazon Is Amazin’ and Security Gets Spendy

Tech prognosticator Mark Anderson is back in New York with his annual predictions for the world of tech in 2012.

One More Reason Not to Sell Fake Chips: Prison

A Florida woman is sentenced to three years in prison and fined $166,000 for selling counterfeit chips to more than 1,000 buyers, among them companies selling equipment to the U.S. Navy.

Terror-Fighting Start-Up Palantir Technologies Just Raised $68 Million — But From Whom?

An SEC filing shows the secretive data analytics firm has been busy raising money. Again.

Cyberwar: It’s Not Just Fiction Anymore

After surviving numerous devastating wars throughout history, humanity is well acquainted with war in the physical realm. But we’re still unfamiliar with the concept of cyberwar, except perhaps in movie thrillers. That’s all about to change.


Cyberwar Plan Has New Focus on Deterrence

The military must move from defending against major cyberattacks to deterring assaults by letting enemies know the U.S. is willing to retaliate with its own virtual weapons or military force, a top general said Thursday.

Defense Contractor Booz Allen Is Latest Target of Hacker Group Anonymous

The hackers formerly known as LulzSec has a new target in its sights: Defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. The company confirmed an attack yesterday, though so far it’s not clear that it means anything.

Full Metal iPhone