Election 2016: How Big Data + Social Data Will Determine the Next President

Our campaign decisions are influenced by factors that extend far beyond the impression and conversion metrics that permeated the ad industry just five years ago.

Romney Concession and Obama Acceptance Speeches in Three Minutes or Less

In case you’re in a hurry.
President Obama

So, Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think the iPad Is Just a Consumption Device, Either

Various media outlets say the Republican presidential candidate has been typing a 1,100-word speech on his iPad.

One Last Pre-Election Chat With Pundit Slayer Nate Silver

Who is pro-Ebola, it turns out.
nate silver


On Google, a Political Mystery That’s All Numbers

Google’s quest to guess what we want before we want it has produced an unusual side effect: A disparity in the results the company presents about the presidential candidates.

How Many Techies Does It Take to Reelect a President? T4O Launches “Innovator Series” Videos for Obama.

Technology4Obama puts its mouth where its mouth is.
Bonnie and Hoffman

How Obama or Romney Should Have Answered the iPad Question

When CNN’s Candy Crowley asked why iPad and iPhones can’t be made in America, here is what one of the candidates — either one — should have said in response.

Big Bird Lands on “Saturday Night Live”

Of course he did.
snl big bird

At Least the Internet Turned Out to Be a Good Government Investment — Millions Watched Debate Online

Last night’s political smackdown, by the numbers.
Romney YouTube debate

Mitt Romney Goes Viral