Uncovering a More Useful Android Lock Screen

Cover creates a smarter Android lock screen by giving you access to the apps you want, when you want them, but it needs a little fine-tuning.

Haiku Deck Expands Its Anti-PowerPoint Presentation App to the Web

Haiku Deck’s PowerPoint and Keynote alternative is now available as a free Web app.
Haiku Deck Web App 2 - Themes

New E-Book Services Borrow a Page From Netflix

Oyster and Scribd let you read an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee, but is there enough content to make it worth it?

Add Hiku to the Shopping List of Shopping-List Apps

Hiku lets you create shopping lists with relative ease, but many mobile apps — or pen and paper — can do the same for much less.

iLife, iWork Get Refreshed for OS X Mavericks and iOS, Free With Purchase of New Device

The new versions of iLife and iWork are available today and free with the purchase of a new Mac or iOS device.

Happy Hours to Dinner Dates: Apps That Aim to Simplify Event Planning

Planning a simple get-together can wind up in a lot of back and forth over email or phone. WePopp and Rundavoo can help simplify the process.

News Byte

Tablet-Optimized Twitter Android App Now Available, Limited at First to Samsung Devices

Today, Twitter launched a new version of its mobile app optimized specifically for Android tablets. Twitter for Android Tablets now takes full advantage of a tablet’s larger screen to display tweets, conversations and more in full landscape view. The app will only be available for Samsung devices at first, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Support for other Samsung tablets will come soon, and the app will be available to other Android tablets by the end of the year.

A Kids’ App That Entertains With Talk, Not Taps

Created by Pixar alums, The Winston Show is an interactive kids’ app that focuses on more talking and less tapping.
photo 1

The Journey to Find a Good Travel Journal App

Whether you’re going on a weekend trip or a long vacation, MobilyTrip and Trip Journal can help you document your adventures.
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Google Launches Android Device Manager to Help Locate Lost Phones

Google finally releases a native tool for helping located lost and stolen phones.

Serenity Now: Apps to Help Manage Your Stress and Mood

SwiftKey Cloud Brings Your Favorite Slang Terms to All of Your Devices

Two Apps for Channeling a Better Web Video Experience

House Call: Five Smartphone Accessories That Help Monitor Your Health

Apple May Not Be Dishing on Wearable Devices, but Disney Is (Video)

Apps That Curb the Temptation to Text and Drive

Twitter Takes On Music Discovery, but Comes Up Short

Humin App Adds a Human Touch to Your Phone’s Address Book

Evernote 5.0 for Android Adds Shortcuts, Photo Features

Improving Smartphone Battery Life With Apps

Only in Barcelona: Dual Screens and Phones That Translate

Mailbox: Swipe Your Way to a Clutter-Free Inbox