Apple’s Next Battleground Isn’t TV; It’s Web Services

Great Web services are as critical to Apple’s success as great hardware.

Apple’s MobileMe Takes a Dirt Nap

RIP, MobileMe.

Letting Your Fingers Do the Photo Editing

Katie reviews Apple’s iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone.

Push Comes to Shove: German Injunction Targets Apple’s iCloud Email Alerts

Motorola wins an injunction against iCloud in Germany, using what Apple describes as “an old pager patent.”

In Memoriam: Tech Products We Lost Too Soon

While many are offering their tech predictions for 2012, we thought we’d take a moment to remember those that have gone to the tech-product graveyard.

Needing Flash in the Fall

Walt answers a student’s question on finding a laptop or tablet for school that runs Adobe Flash Player.

What To Do After MobileMe Goes Away?

Walt answers a reader’s question on what to do with data stored on MobileMe after it goes away.

Apple's Area 51: The Truth Is Out There

Scheduled to go live sometime this spring, Apple’s 505,000-square-foot North Carolina data center is, according to COO Tim Cook, intended to support iTunes and MobileMe. But we don’t yet know in what capacity, and Cook’s remark, which is at once unambiguous and utterly cryptic, leaves plenty of room for speculation. And theories about the potential capabilities of this new facility abound.

As Twitter Turns Five, Founder Tells of Early Days in Tweets

Development of Twitter began on March 13, 2006, founder and Chairman Jack Dorsey wrote in a tweet on Sunday commemorating his creation’s five-year anniversary. Dorsey promised to tweet moments from the early days of Twitter over the course of the next two weeks.

Jobs Introduces Apple iPad 2

To the strains of “Here Comes The Sun,” ailing Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage and, after a progress report on the Apple ecosystem, introduced the iPad 2–faster, thinner and camera-equipped. Also unveiled: Updates to iOS, iMovie and GarageBand.

Motorola Sues Apple Over…Everything

Weekend Update, 4.26.09

Weekend Update, 4.19.09

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