TelyHD Adds AirPlay, Remote Control App

TelyHD, a device that enables video chat on your TV, is morphing into a multipurpose gadget.

Hardware and Software–The Lines Are Blurring

Over the years, it has been smart business strategy in the computer and consumer electronics industries to specialize in either hardware or software. But that’s changing. Microsoft created one of the greatest business successes in history by fiercely sticking to software, dabbling only in minor hardware products, such as mice and keyboards, which were designed […]

Product Delays: Who Cares?

One of the big tech news stories of the month was Apple’s announcement that it was delaying the public release of the new Leopard version of its Mac OS X operating system from June to October. The company said the delay was caused by the need to divert engineering talent from Leopard to Apple’s other […]

Craplets on TV

Just nine days after my April 5 column condemning the practice of loading Windows PCs with “craplets” — useless, crippled, trial software and offers and ads that litter the desktop — Apple posted the ad below making fun of the practice. Of course, it isn’t 100% accurate. While Macs come with a clean desktop and […]