QOTD: Multimedia Journalism

What is The Editor’s Prerogative? It’s when you take a piece of journalism and make it huge in scale and elaborate in delivery so that it is more in line with how important an editor thinks the story is than how new audiences actually want to consume it.

Khoi Vinh, former design director of the New York Times, on “Snowfall”-style multimedia stories

Yahoo Buys Qwiki for About $50 Million (Like ATD Said)

Yep — more mobile for Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo’s Mayer Has Met with Hulu Execs in a Preliminary Look-See at Premium Video Unit

How much is the Silicon Valley Internet giant willing to spend on turbocharging its video prospects?

BermanBraun’s Mom.me Enters the Crowded Parenting Space, Offering “Mass With Class”

A new site aimed at “moms who happen to be parents.”

Viral Video: "Attack the Block" and BoomTown Debut at SXSW

Like many a geek–and after a decade away–I’m headed to South by Southwest later this week. To get in the mood for the well-known multimedia festival in Austin, here’s one of the films making its debut this coming weekend. It’s called “Attack the Block,” and has the best tag line ever: “Inner City Versus Outer Space.” Which is just about how I am feeling about SXSW!

Atrix 4G: Faux Laptop With a Phone For Brains

Walt reviews the Motorola Atrix 4G Android smart phone, which acts as the brains of a small laptop device.

Rupert Murdoch’s Daily for iPad Debuts Feb. 2

The Daily, the iPad newspaper News Corp. was supposed to unveil a few weeks ago, has a new launch date and a new venue for its debut: Feb. 2 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Viral Video: The British Library's Stiff Upper App

Here’s a very classy video of an app called Treasures from the British Library–from the original version of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to Nelson’s battle plan for Trafalgar.

News Byte

Finally, a Quick Way to Check the Codex Sinaiticus on the Go

Here’s a new app that’s sure to class up the reference folder on your phone. The British Library today released Treasures, a mobile multimedia look at more than 100 prized items from its collections, including the original version of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the world’s oldest Bible, hand-painted medieval books, Nelson’s battle plan for Trafalgar and doodles by Leonardo. Truly priceless items–and speaking of price, if you act now, this app can be yours for the low, low introductory price of $1.99 for the iPhone and Android versions, and $3.99 for the HD iPad versions, all available in their respective marketplaces.

Rupert Murdoch's "Daily" iPad Newspaper Set for January Launch

Want to get a gander at “the Daily,” Rupert Murdoch’s much-discussed but still sorta-secret iPad newspaper? Wait a month–and expect to see several other apps using a new iTunes subscription feature around the same time.