Stanford Human-Computer Interaction Expert Cliff Nass Dies at 55

Silicon Valley has lost a beautiful mind.
Cliff Nass

Toshiba’s Widescreen Ultrabook: Good for Movies, Multitasking

Toshiba’s U845W laptop has an ultra-wide screen that sets it apart from the Ultrabook pack.

Don’t Browse and Drive

Our study of iPod distraction found that selecting a song on an iPod can degrade performance almost twice as much as dialing a cell phone. Even more surprisingly, selecting a song can degrade performance twice as much as watching a video on the iPod.

— Researcher Dario Salvucci, whose work focuses on multitasking and interruption, including driver distraction

Microsoft Windows Phone Head Andy Lees: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

It’s a great time to watch this interview with Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s Windows Phone unit, since the software giant is holding a big event in New York on Monday to celebrate the U.S. launch of devices running the new Mango version of the smartphone.

Sonos' John MacFarlane Talks About New Android Music Controller Rolling Out Today and More!

Yesterday afternoon, BoomTown pumped Sonos CEO John MacFarlane full of fancy tea and queried him about today’s rollout of its new Android controller for the innovative wireless music players. As has been previously reported, Santa Barbara, Calif. consumer electronics company will finally be launching an app for the Google mobile operating system, as well as releasing some multitasking and AirPlay updates to boost its software for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

With Update Delays, Can Windows Phone Gain Ground on Google, Apple?

In the time since Microsoft released the first version of Windows Phone 7 last fall, Apple has managed to roll out a new version of the iPad as well as two updates to the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad. Google has introduced both Gingerbread for Android phones and Honeycomb for Android tablets. In that same time, Redmond has been struggling to get out just one rather modest feature update.

Analyst Sees BlackBerry PlayBook Buzz Building Ahead of Rumored April Launch

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook doesn’t yet have a firm price or launch date–though new rumors suggest it may arrive at market by mid-April–but already there is developing demand for it. According to some analysts, anyway.

Microsoft to Add Multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone Later this Year

In an interview, Microsoft phone unit President Andy Lees walks through the changes that Redmond plans to make to bolster Windows Phone 7. Improvements coming later this year include Twitter integration, a better browser and the ability to do more things at once.

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What's Better Than One Screen? Two! Sprint Unveils Kyocera Echo.

Ahead of Apple’s iPhone launch on Verizon later this week, Sprint unveiled the Kyocera Echo, a dual-touchscreen smartphone. The Android phone, which looks a lot like a Nintendo DS, is being positioned against tablets because of better multitasking capabilities. It allows people to watch videos on one display while browsing on another. The Echo will be available this spring for $200 with a new contract. Monthly plans start at $80 for unlimited text, talk and data.

Windows Phone 7 Update Is No iPhone Killer

Apple Unleashes iOS 4

IPhone 4: Thanks for the Memory

iPhone OS 4TW?

An iPad Review Roundup

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