After Making a Business, Huawei Aims to Make a Name for Itself in Smartphones

In an interview, Huawei phone unit Chairman Richard Yu talks about how he is growing the business by saying no to low-end opportunities.

Only in Barcelona: Dual Screens and Phones That Translate

You won’t see those phones in the U.S. anytime soon.

Dueling Korean Robots Among the Hidden Gems on Barcelona Show Floor

AllThingsD’s Ina Fried wanders the Mobile World Congress show floor in search of the quirky and quixotic.

Huawei Plans Firefox OS Phone, but CEO Says Unclear How Consumers Will Take to It

Richard Yu tells AllThingsD that while carriers like alternatives to Android and Apple, it remains to be seen whether consumers will bite. Meanwhile, Huawei plans more Windows Phones.

Fujitsu Steps Out With GPS Cane Concept

Fujitsu’s GPS cane keeps you headed in the right direction.

Smartphone Makers See New Market in Old People

As the smartphone market matures, device makers are looking to create products specifically for the gray-haired set.

Asus PadFone Infinity Brings Better Screen, Faster Processor and High Price Tag

It’s a smartphone. It’s a tablet. It’s both! It’s also crazy expensive.

Google’s Rubin: No Need for Retail Stores

The head of Android says that Google doesn’t need its own retail stores to sell its Nexus devices.

Andy Rubin: Samsung’s Android Success Mostly About Just Executing Well

Andy Rubin tells reporters there is not much he or Google can do to help other device makers be more profitable.
Andy Rubin MWC roundtable


Taiwan PC Makers Struggle in Smartphone Market

Acer Inc. and Asustek Computer Inc. are once again staking a plot at this year’s Mobile World Congress telecom show with new devices, but the Taiwanese personal computer makers have yet to make money off their smartphone efforts.

Visa Taps Samsung for NFC Payment Deal

Meet Mozilla’s Host of New Mobile Partners