Skype Marketing Exec Steele Heads to Jive in Top Strategy and Marketing Role

The social business platform grabs former Microsoft and Yahoo vet.

IPO-Bound Pure Storage Lands $150 Million Funding Round Led by T. Rowe Price

The biggest round of funding for a storage company, ever.

IBM’s First Earnings Miss in Eight Years Is Red Flag for the Rest of the IT Industry

It’s going to be a rough quarter.


New Venture Enters Patent Fray

Firms that buy and enforce patents make life hard for technology companies. A new San Francisco startup hopes to turn the tables.


The Storage Games

Even in an anemic economy, demand for data storage grows more than 50 percent per year.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Talks More About the Cloud

And the cloud, and the cloud, and oh yeah, the cloud.

HP to Take a Lot of Bitter Medicine in Earnings Report Today

Trouble to HP’s right, trouble to the left, trouble above and trouble below.

As IBM Joins Flash Madness Club, Deal Chatter Turns to Fusion-io

Who will buy Fusion-io? No one, probably; at least not yet.

Fusion-io Looks Ahead, Sees Streets Paved With Golden Flash Chips

Flash memory is going everywhere. Naturally, Fusion-io’s stock is going up.

EMC to Buy Isilon Systems

New from Google: Google Windows