Carrot Flop: Twitter CEO Costolo Finds Lack of Woman on Board Is No Joking Matter

Two men fight over women, of course.

Yahoo Paid $60M to $70M for Rockmelt — Will Dump Browser and Use Tech to Better Deliver Its Media and Mobile Properties

Big money for tech that essentially failed to find customers.


Ten Years Later: Lessons From the Applied Semantics’ Google Acquisition

I would like to share these lessons with others in the hope that they might find something useful.

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Rockmelt Ends Its Browser Dreams

Rockmelt announced Thursday it would soon end support for its desktop browser service, instead transitioning its user base to its mobile apps and newly launched Web-based product. The company, helmed by ex-Netscape engineers and backed by Marc Andreessen, aimed to reinvent the browser with social capabilities. But as Rockmelt subtly admitted in its post, Google’s Chrome momentum was just too much to keep up with.

Kleiner’s Doerr Takes Adviser Seat at Flipboard

A new board member for the social magazine.

RockMelt Dives Into Mobile Browsing — iPad First

RockMelt’s “modern” mobile browser looks nothing like what we’re used to.
Rockmelt for iPad - 1. Visual stream of content


The Mobile Browser Dominates in Emerging Markets

There are six billion cellphones in the world, but only 1.2 billion computers.


Kevin Rose Interviews Elon Musk

Seven words: supersonic vertical takeoff and landing electric plane.

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