Dr. Chrono Tries to Make Healthcare Apps Go Viral

The iPads-for-medicine start-up Drchrono has plans to release a free medical record app for patients.

Al Gore's Next Invention: The Future of Books? (Cheap Shot, But Cool App)

Push Pop Press, a digital book publishing platform, went live with its first title this week, Al Gore’s “Our Choice,” available as an iOS app for $4.99.

What's Really Going On With Facebook's China Plans

Facebook is eager to push out a Chinese version of its site soon, which is likely to be integrated with its larger social graph, but gated by warning messages about Chinese government monitors and censors. Let the controversy begin.

Facebook "Acqhires" Feltron Infographic Creator's Company (Video Interview)

Facebook has acquired Daytum, the two-man start-up announced today on its blog. Daytum co-founder Nicholas Felton famously creates beautiful infographics about his annual personal behavior; Daytum was a mobile app to help other people track and organize the everyday data of their lives.

YouTube Founders Are Back, and Have Bought Delicious From Yahoo

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are preparing a triumphant return to tech, launching a new Internet company called AVOS out of their old stomping ground in San Mateo, Calif.

Last Time Larry Was CEO: Google Parties in 1999 (Video)

Sergey Brin’s flannel overshirt, Larry Page’s side part and a whole lot of happy, wholesome nerds were on display at one of Google’s staff “TGIF” meetings from 1999, captured for posterity on video.

Gideon Yu Leaves Khosla Ventures to Sign On With 49ers

Venture capitalist Gideon Yu is leaving Khosla Ventures and plans to join the front office of the San Francisco 49ers as its Chief Strategy Officer, according to multiple sources.

I Come in Peace, I Promise! Twitter Hires Developer Relations Manager.

Twitter, whose dealings with outside developers are often testy, has hired a developer relations manager, Jason Costa.

Klout Redesigns to Emphasize Personal Influence (Video)

Klout plans on Tuesday to launch a redesign of its site that makes it more obvious what the company does: help users understand and take advantage of their social influence online.

Google Buys Mobile Customer Feedback Start-Up

Google has acquired TalkBin, a customer feedback system for local businesses, as was first reported by TechCrunch. The five-month-old company was only founded as part of Y Combinator’s winter batch, so this is a ridiculously early exit.

SAY Media Wolfs Down Dogster

Apple Cracks Down on App Cross-Selling