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I think there is always a space for both. Whenever there’s a new form of media we always think it’s going to replace the old thing and it never does. We still have radio, however long after TV was introduced.

Matt Mullenweg, on old media being displaced by new media, from an interview with Martin Nisenholtz

Yahoo’s Work-From-Home Kerfuffle, Groupon’s Ex-CEO and Firefox’s Lovers: The AllThingsD Week in Review 2/24/13 – 3/02/13

The Top 10 stories of the week, in one convenient serving.
Yahoo HQ

Big Win for New Old Media

While it’s tempting to see the Huffington Post’s Pulitzer as a “big win for new media,” or something like that, the real story is that these organizations — the Huffington Post, the New York Times, the Washington Post — are becoming more like each other. Old media and new media are increasingly antiquated terms.

— Journalism professor Jay Rosen to HuffPo media writer Michael Calderone (via GigaOM)


How Social Networking Influences Coming Out

The suicide of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi is shining a spotlight on the ways in which online social networking can complicate coming out for gay and lesbian youth.

The iPad Is a Multimedia Device. So Where Are the Media? Be Patient.

As predicted, Steve Jobs showed off a new multimedia device today. One thing he didn’t show off, though: Much in the way of new media.

"Changing the World Through the Web": Video Interviews with Zuckerberg, Kutcher, Rospars and Shah

Yesterday, BoomTown moderated a panel at California’s Women’s Conference titled “Changing the World Through the Web” for a crowd of several thousand people. The panelists included Hollywood actor/producer, Katalyst co-founder and Twitter demigod Ashton Kutcher; Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg, who leads the social networking site’s elections, breaking news and social change initiatives; Premal Shah, president of online microloan site; and Joe Rospars, founder and creative director of Blue State Digital and new media director for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Here are video interviews I did with each of them.


White House Launches Health-Care Response Site "Reality Check"

President Barack Obama again took to the Web to spread his message, launching a new section of the White House’s site Monday to counteract some of the criticism of his plans for a national health-care system.

D7 Video: Huffpo’s Arianna Huffington and Washington Post Exec Katharine Weymouth

Arianna Huffington and Katharine Weymouth–two of the most powerful women in contemporary media–meet onstage with D‘s Kara Swisher to discuss the future of media: old, new–and everything in between.

Kara Visits With PBS MediaShift Blogger Mark Glaser

Recently, BoomTown had a lovely lunch with PBS new media blogger Mark Glaser. Glaser is a longtime free-lance journalist whom I first noticed when he wrote a weekly column for the USC Annenberg School of Communication’s Online Journalism Review, post-Web 1.0 bubble, as well as for the most excellent “Media Grok” daily email newsletter for the now-defunct Industry Standard back in the midst of the froth. He was always able to cut through that with a clear-headed tone–while maintaining a respect for what was good about traditional journalism, as well as an excitement about the possibilities of new media. Here’s a video interview I did with Glaser about where new media is today.

Live From New York: ATD Hires Peter Kafka to Pen a New Media and Advertising Blog

Although we did not raid the offices of Silicon Alley Insider and “steal” Peter Kafka, as the fanciful SAI kingpin Henry Blodget alleges–had it been a raid, BoomTown would have properly hog-tied Blodget so he could not make such spurious allegations!–it is true that SAI’s current managing editor (pictured here) will be coming to work for us at soon. He will write a daily still-unnamed new media blog from New York City, starting at the end of October.

Yahoo to Icahn: Buzz Off

Great … More Money for Google