Adventures in Google Self-Driving Cars: Pizza Delivery, Scavenger Hunts, and Avoiding Deer

After 500,000 miles of road tests, Google’s self-driving car team gave New Yorker writer Burkhard Bilger unusually deep access for a profile this week.

Uh-Oh, Canada

When I heard that the troubled Obamacare Web site was built by a Canadian company, of course I felt personally responsible. … I’ll be happy when the glitches are all worked out and everything’s running smoothly, so I can put this all behind me.

— Montreal-born Barry Blitt, who drew the cover for next week’s New Yorker magazine

Twitter Close to Picking High-Profile Head of News to Make Even Nicer With Media Types

All the news wonk that’s fit to hire.

The New Yorker Launches Strongbox, an Open-Source Anonymous Tip Tool Built by Aaron Swartz

The timely idea: Let journalists and their sources connect in confidence. The Associated Press might have liked one of these.

A Tweet Not Tweeted

One cannot, as yet, tweet a smell. But you can write about it.

— Author Thomas Beller, writing for the New Yorker about a tweet he composed and decided not to send

Henry Blodget Is Quietly Planning a Stunning Return to Wall Street

Secrets revealed! A bit! In Ken Auletta’s New Yorker profile!
henry blodget

YESS: Yahoo HR Exec Loses Mayer’s Survey Contest, Gangnam Style

But not so Oppa GS: A stock downgrade.

The New Yorker Lands on the iPhone, With Help From Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm

Behind the scenes, some interesting tech. Out in front — a great promotional clip starring a Girl and a Mad Man.

ESPN Explains How to Watch ESPN on the Web — If You’re Paying for Cable

TV Everywhere should be old hat by now, but it’s still a new concept for most cable subscribers. So here’s an explainer. Spoiler: Not all that funny.
watchespn video

Finally, a Reason to Read Magazines on a Tablet

Call it “Netflix for Magazines” — unlimited digital subscriptions for $10 or $15 a month.
next issue excerpt

The New Yorker's "Face of Facebook"