Still Not Convinced the Cloud Is a Risky Place? Here Are Some Scary Numbers To Ponder.

The company that says cloud providers are in denial about risk has estimated the total costs from the recent Epsilon data breach. Here’s a hint: They’re big.

Amazon Details Last Week's Cloud Failure, and Apologizes

Amazon explains in detail what happened to its cloud last week, and promises it will never happen again. And it apologizes to its customers. Shaken customers will have to ask themselves if that’s enough.

After the PlayStation Hack, a Legal Pile-On Against Sony

It didn’t take long for Sony to be served with its first lawsuit following the disclosure that its PlayStation Network was hacked. Meanwhile, the number of investigating regulators and outraged U.S. lawmakers is multiplying. Sony’s lawyers are going to be busy.

Hewlett-Packard Lifts Off With NASA Contract

HP’s four-year, $2.5 billion contract makes it the supplier of desktops and collaboration services to the U.S. space agency. It’s taking the job just as NASA heads into a period of transition.

Magnet Systems Lands $12.6 Million Round From Andreessen Horowitz

The cloud-based creator of a social enterprise development platform is led by Alfred Chuang, the A in BEA Systems.

Exclusive: What's Former Omniture CEO Josh James Been Doing Since Leaving Adobe? Raising LOTS Of Money (Updated)

The former CEO of Web analytics powerhouse Omniture, who left Adobe after less than a year, has a new stealth venture cooking, and investors are lining up to get in on the action. Update: Investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark Capital.

Sony To PlayStation Customers: Hackers Got Us, And Now You Too

The hackers who brought Sony’s Playstation Network down for nearly a week have accessed customer information, the company says.

Who's Number Two At Oracle?

Safra Catz’s re-appointment as Oracle’s finance chief kicks off a new round of corporate Kremlinology over who will ultimately take over for Larry Ellison as CEO.

Amazon's Cloud Crash Is Over, But the Talking About It Isn't

The big crash of Amazon’s cloud that brought down hundreds of other Internet companies that rely upon it is over. Now everyone who was affected in one way or another is comparing notes on how they coped or didn’t. And for cloud providers not named Amazon, there’s going to be an obvious business opportunity.

Oracle Co-President Safra Catz Adds CFO Duties as Jeff Epstein Leaves

The Oracle co-president is starting her second stint at the CFO job following the resignation of Jeff Epstein.