Attention Versus Distraction? What That Big NY Times Story Leaves Out

Yesterday’s Sunday Times devoted the lead slot of its front page to a long examination of the effects of the web on the attention spans of teenagers.

The 168-Hour Work Week

If the line between your work and home life hasn’t yet been blurred by near-ubiquitous Internet connectivity, just you wait. Because by 2020 it’s likely to have been erased entirely. That’s the word from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, whose recent “Future of the Internet III” study suggests that the dawn of the mobile phone as a “primary” Internet connection will essentially obliterate the boundaries between work and home.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? … Obviously.

Is Google making us stupid? The answer to that question, recently posed by Nick Carr in The Atlantic, is a resounding yes. At least in the case of Sun Sentinel publisher Tribune. How else to explain the company’s claim that Google is largely to blame for the six-year-old news story that gutted the United Airlines share price this week?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love the Blog: The Endless Conversation

This is my third and last post about what my move from old to new media has taught me. In the first, I discussed its dynamism, in the second its amazing level of clarity. And the third? Well, because it never stops. Ever. Case in point, a somewhat frivolous story, which actually does have important […]