Vox Media Spends Some of Its Giant Funding Round on Lockhart Steele’s Curbed Network

A blogging pioneer sells his company to a blogging powerhouse.
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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About News on the Web, Which Will Take You Two Days to Watch

A massive, 50-hour-plus oral history of the way the Web has radically overhauled the news and the news business.
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Nick Denton Is on David Karp’s Side. We Think.

The only real difference between Facebook and Tumblr is that the former achieved escape velocity before the founder was diluted — and neutered.

— Gawker Media owner Nick Denton, sort-of defending Tumblr CEO David Karp, in the comment section of a Valleywag story about Karp’s recent oddly worded public layoff notice

The Most Important Person at Gawker Media Not Named Nick Denton Is Leaving

Gaby Darbyshire, Gawker’s chief grownup, operating officer and everything else, heads out.

Gawker’s Buzz on BuzzFeed

… Peretti’s craving for the quick viral fix will not be satisfied by the nourishing fare put out by prestige hires like Doree Shafrir and Matt Buchanan. Either before or after acquisition, Buzzfeed will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.

Nick Denton, in a comment on his own post on Gawker about its new commenting system

Gawker Will Deputize Commenters, Says Sheriff Nick Denton

Gawker plans to launch an ambitious new commenting model within the next couple months, said its founder Nick Denton at SXSW today.

Gawker’s Nick Denton Loves Dumb Questions, and His NBC Profile

The blog pioneer gets his 11 minutes of fame, on prime-time broadcast TV. Yawn if you want, Internet know-it-alls: “The dumb questions are almost always the interesting ones.”
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Rethinking Gawker’s Redesign

For obsessive Gawker watchers and redesign doom-mongers: the 35.6m uniques in Jan 2012 is record and 55% up from last April’s nadir.

Nick Denton, via Twitter, almost a year after Gawker’s controversial redesign

Dear Gawker …

Can you please have the post of Brian Williams’ email to Nick Denton taken down immediately? That was sent in confidence as friends and absolutely never intended to be public. A speedy removal would go a long way in maintaining the trust and respect we have for your site.

— An email from NBC’s PR department requesting that Gawker take down its posting of an email from Brian Williams to Nick Denton, criticizing, among other things, the site’s recently reduced postings on the weekends; the request was added to the original post

QOTD: Forget the Tabloid Crap — It’s Time for Fancy Tabloid Crap!

Superior writers, videographers and other content makers want to work with their own kind and for their own kind.

— Nick Denton, in his memo to staff on the Gawker empire in 2012

Digg's Decline, Illustrated