Barnes & Noble Founder Bails on Bailout Plan

Meanwhile, the Nook unit that B&N says isn’t dead was down 20 percent last quarter.

Barnes & Noble Insists Nook Isn’t Dead, Releases Video Apps to Prove It

“What’s wrong with it?”
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JoyBits Says Bucking iOS-Android Game Duopoly Helped Doodle God Series

Tens of millions of players? Cool. But finding them on more than 10 platforms at the same time? OMDG.
Art from JoyBits' Doodle God 2, slated for release in summer 2014.

Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch Resigns Amid Strategic Review

An uncertain future for the one-time book giant.

Limiting Wi-Fi Access Per Child

Walt answers readers’ questions about limiting Wi-Fi Internet access for family members.

Hearst Gets Its Million Digital Subscribers

A few months behind schedule. But who’s counting? (Besides us.)
Hearst David Carey


Barnes & Noble’s Nook Stumbles

Barnes & Noble Inc. reported to a surprise fiscal third-quarter loss, hurt by across-the-board weakness. Most notably, sales in the Nook digital business slumped sharply.

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Barnes & Noble Founder Riggio Bids for Stores but Not Nook

Barnes & Noble founder Leonard Riggio, who still owns 30 percent of the company, has offered to buy the bookseller’s retail operations, but not its Nook e-reader business. The Wall Street Journal forecast Riggio’s offer last night.


Barnes’s Chairman Mulls Store Buyout

Barnes & Noble Inc.’s chairman and biggest shareholder has expressed interest in buying out the retailer’s consumer-bookstore chain, raising the prospect that the company could be split in two.

Hearst’s David Carey on How People Are Still Reading Magazines. Really!

Despite what you have read, probably online, print isn’t dead, insists the magazine exec, speaking at D: Dive Into Media. Hearst’s digital subscriptions are also up to 900,000.

Walmart Fires the Kindle

Kobo Expands E-Reader Family

Barnes & Noble Loves Mommy Porn!