Yahoo’s Former GC Callahan Places His Bid With Online Real Estate Marketplace

The self-effacing lawyer is ripe for some disruption in an old industry.

Lolly Wolly Doodle’s Brandi Temple Talks Facebook-Fueled, Real-Time Retail

Shoulder bows and ruffles as a social e-commerce phenom.


Lenovo to Set Up PC Plant in U.S.

Chinese computer-maker Lenovo Group Ltd. will start manufacturing PCs in North Carolina next year. Company executives said the effort, starting with only a few million dollars and just over 100 workers, will be the beginning of something bigger, rather than a one-time made-in-America publicity effort.

After #Eastwooding Exits, Dems Take Their Seat at the Social Table

The empty chair gets an occupant this week.

Apple Building Smaller, High-Security “Tactical” Data Center in Maiden, N.C.

The new, highly secure facility will be next to the company’s main data center.

Apple Starts Work on Oregon Data Center

Apple has broken ground on its next big data center.

Apple Is Going to Spend a Lot of Money on … Something

Billions! On iCloud, maybe. Or solar farms. Or much less sexy but important things. Like, you know, factories and stuff.

Apple's Data Center Buildup Goes Bicoastal

A new and interesting development in Apple’s evolving data center strategy. The company has reportedly purchased some additional data center capacity at a new facility Dupont Fabros is building in Santa Clara, Calif.

Now That's Big Data: Apple Orders 12 Petabytes of Storage Gear From EMC

Apple’s new cloud-based iteration of iTunes will need some serious data storage. According to one report, the company has turned to the newly acquired EMC unit Isilon Systems to get it, and in a big way.

News Byte

Overstock Ends Affiliate Marketing in Four States to Avoid Sales Tax is no longer using affiliate advertising in four states to protest upcoming laws that will require online retailers to collect sales tax if they are marketing within state boundaries. The states are Rhode Island, New York, North Carolina and Illinois. Online retailers typically do not collect sales tax from customers in states where they do not have a physical presence, but the interpretation of presence is getting broader as states seek new revenue. Overstock will instead market directly to residents in those states by giving customers a credit worth about $30. In all, Overstock said, the program could cost about $4.5 million.

Dell Polishes Off Polish Ops

Sony Ericsson to Sack 2,000

Feds Launch Antitrust Probe of IBM