Worst Sequel Ever: SCO vs. IBM Reopened

Evidently, liquidation wasn’t enough to keep SCO dead and buried.

Novell Tries Enterprise File Sharing Without That Pesky Cloud

Sharing is good.

Die, SCO, Die

Linux antagonist SCO files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Novell Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft Sputters to a Close

Judgment Day is at hand. Finally.

Google Fires Back in Android Patent War of Words

Google’s top legal officer acknowledges that Microsoft did, in fact, offer to bid with Google for Novell’s patents, but contends that Redmond is trying to distract from the bigger picture.

Microsoft PR Ninja Strikes Back at Google Patent Whine With Email Jujitsu

Google waxes on, so Microsoft waxes off.

Microsoft’s Android-Related Patent Moves Have a Familiar Ring

Redmond tried a similar approach several years back as the company looked to get companies using Linux to license Microsoft’s patents. But the upside could be even bigger this time, with the real possibility that Microsoft could make more revenue from patent licenses to Android phone makers than it does from selling its Windows Phone operating system.
Deja Vu-01

Attachmate Grabs Novell; Microsoft Grabs Novell Patents

After months of rumination, Novell has finally settled on a buyer, two actually. On Monday the enterprise software infrastructure provider agreed to be acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 billion and, as part of that agreement to sell off a chunk of its intellectual property to a consortium led by Microsoft for $450 million.

News Byte

Report: EMC Bidding to Buy Isilon

The New York Post is hearing from a source that data-storage leader EMC is wooing Isilon, a specialist in “clustered storage,” with a $2 billion acquisition offer and that a deal should be sealed before the end of the year. The report also says that EMC-controlled VMware is talking to Novell about buying its SUSE Linux business.


VMware Is in Talks to Acquire Novell's Linux Software Unit

Novell Inc. is in advanced talks with at least two buyers, including VMware Inc., to sell the software company in separate pieces, people familiar with the matter said. VMware is pursuing Novell’s SUSE Linux operating system business, these people said. Attachmate Corp., a private-equity backed software company, could end up buying some or all of the remaining assets.

SCO: It Lives Again!

Bing on the iPad?

SCO: We’ll Live to Sue Another Day

A Boy Named Sue-Happy

SCO Gets a Jury Trial

SCO: Super Genius