2013 Was a Good Year for Chromebooks

New data from NPD suggests that Chromebooks accounted for 21 percent of all commercial notebook sales.

PlayStation 4 Tops Gaming Hardware Sales in November, but Game Sales Are Way Down

Sony wins the first round. Sort of.
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More iPhone 5c Supply Chain Rumors

More iPhone 5s, less iPhone 5c, says NPD.

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Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS Still Top-Sellers, Says NPD

The best-selling gaming consoles in the U.S. are still the Nintendo 3DS and the Xbox 360, according to the NPD research group. For Nintendo, it’s the fourth consecutive month of being the number one overall video game platform, with 6.47 million 3DSes sold so far in 2013, the company said in a press release. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is now in its 32nd consecutive month leading console sales, moving 96,000 units in August.

Apple’s Domestic Mac Sales Slip ’N Slide in September Quarter

New NPD data suggests that September-quarter Mac sales will be down five percent year over year.

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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Tops Gaming Hardware Sales for Third Straight Month

Nintendo’s handheld console, the 3DS, outsold all other videogame hardware in the U.S. for the past three months, according to the NPD Group’s retail report for July. The 3DS’s sales are up 14 percent year over year, attributed to new system-seller titles like Animal Crossing: New Leaf. That increase is an anomaly amid overall continued decline in gaming hardware, software and accessories, as gamers await the “next-gen” rollout this holiday season. Among home consoles, the Xbox 360 continues to be No. 1 in sales, according to the report.

U.S. Mac Sales Dip in June

“Macs are becoming a less and less meaningful piece of the Apple story.”

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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Was the Best-Selling Video Game System in the U.S. in June

Nintendo sold 225,000 units of its portable game console, the Nintendo 3DS, in June. That’s according to market research firm NPD, which called the 3DS the best-selling video game system in the U.S. that month. Its main competitor in gaming-specific handhelds is Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which has historically lagged behind the 3DS in sales. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 140,000 units in June, while Sony has not disclosed how many PS3s it moved.

Bluetooth Speakers Popping Up Everywhere? Here’s Why.

Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new Bluetooth speaker. Here are a few reasons why these (often cheap) gadgets are flooding the market.

Domestic Mac Sales Flat in April (And That’s Not Bad)

According to NPD, North American Mac sales for April were unchanged year over year, despite the market shift from PCs to mobile devices.

Wii U Sales Still Lousy

Your Internet Is Already on Your TV

iPod Halo Now iPad Halo