NSA Needs a Zoloft After Obama No-Show, but Here Comes Internet’s “Wrecking Ball” Letter

I came in like a wrecking ball/I never hit so hard your code/All I wanted was to break your (fire)walls/All you ever did was hack me/Yeah, you, you ha-aa-aack me!

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Needs No Permission (Video)

The serial entrepreneur talks about his new book, “Without Their Permission.”

Stephen Elop Is Now the Microsoft CEO Candidate to Beat

Well, it only cost $7.17 billion, but Microsoft now has a pretty obvious candidate to lead the company as soon as CEO Steve Ballmer vacates the seat he said he would leave within the year.

“Luminary” Access Site IfOnly Officially Launches With $3M in Funding From Tech Luminaries

Delivering the A-List to the masses?
Untitled copy

Get Ready for More TaskRabbit, With New Open API

There would be an obvious pun here about how TaskRabbit is going to multiply, but the New York Times already used it.

The Search Company’s Social Network Finally Gets Search — And Some Other Goodies

One of the bigger head-scratchers of Google+ was how a social network from the world’s dominant search company could debut without search functionality.

Google's Android Kingpin Andy Rubin Will Open D: Dive Into Mobile (Plus, One More Surprise!)

While everyone is considering whether to brine or deep-fry the turkey this week, All Things Digital HQ will be busy with our preparations for D: Dive Into Mobile. That includes setting the program, which takes place in two weeks and will open with an evening interview with Google’s Andy Rubin. Plus, there is one more surprise speaker we’ll be adding to the program too.

Open Mobile, According to Sprint's Dan Hesse (We'll Ask Him More About It at D: Dive Into Mobile)

Here, after the jump, is a very interesting slide put up by Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse, who took to the stage at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco to talk about the latest trends in the arena.

Apple Has $51 Billion and a Shopping List. Is Facebook on It?

Steve Jobs told analysts that he’s hanging on to his giant cash hoard for a rainy day–and a couple specific things he’d like to buy. Perhaps he’s discussed this with Mark Zuckerberg…
Steve Jobs from iPhone 4 antenna press conference

Full D8 Demo Video: Wordnik