Dell and Red Hat Will Announce a Big Cloud-Computing Alliance Today

Doing for OpenStack what they did for Linux more than a decade ago. You know how that turned out.


Chrome Apps Are Going Native

To celebrate Chrome’s fifth birthday, Google officially unveiled what it is calling a new breed of apps that act more like installed programs than carved out slices of a Web browser.


HTC Developing Smartphone Operating System

HTC Corp. is developing a mobile software system specifically for Chinese consumers, people familiar with the project say, as part of a big China bet that the Taiwanese smartphone maker hopes will help revive sliding sales.

Windows 8.1 Will Be Made Available to PC Makers in Late August

Microsoft made the announcement on Monday as it kicked off its annual partner conference in Houston.
windows 8.1 in action


Microsoft to Name New Software Windows 8.1, and It’s Free

Microsoft announced Tuesday the updated version of its Windows 8 operating system — which had been code-named Windows Blue — will be called Windows 8.1, and it will be available for free to encourage as many people as possible to take up the new software.

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Windows Blue Preview Coming From Microsoft in June

If Windows 8 just isn’t getting you excited, you won’t have long to wait before you can get an early look at the next iteration of the PC operating system. A preview version dubbed Windows Blue will be unveiled at the Microsoft BUILD conference in San Francisco next month. The news came from Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green, in an appearance at the Wired Business Conference in New York.


China Criticizes Android’s Dominance

A Chinese government research institute hit out at Google Inc.’s Android smartphone operating system, arguing that China is too reliant on the platform and accusing the search giant of using its dominance to discriminate against local companies.

Ubuntu Wants to Find Its Way Onto Tablets, Too

Canonical, which already revealed its effort to power phones with Ubuntu Linux, shows off its designs for the tablet market.
Ubuntu Tablet image.jpg

Windows 8: Not for Old-at-Heart PCs

If you’re thinking of upgrading your PC to the new Windows 8, be prepared for hassles and disappointment, especially if the computer is more than a year or two old, says Walt.

Ubuntu to Join the Crowded Mobile OS Fray

Microsoft Finalizes Code for Windows 8

Where Does Googorola Leave HP’s webOS?