Morgan Stanley to EU: Whatever Larry Wants, Larry Gets, and Sun Is No Exception

For Oracle, whose acquisition of Peoplesoft and Siebel Systems cleared in Europe without conditions, news that the European Commission issued formal objections to its purchase of Sun was likely particularly galling. According to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Sun is already losing $100 million a month as it waits for regulatory approval, and judging from the price of the company’s stock today, it may be losing even more.

EU Objects to Oracle-Sun Deal

The European Commission today issued a so-called Statement of Objections over Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Disclosed in a regulatory filing by Sun, the document gives formal voice to the EC’s concerns over the fate of Sun’s open-source MySQL database.

Would Oracle Ever Abandon Its Bid for Sun?

Is there any possibility that Oracle would abandon its bid for Sun? And if Oracle were to walk away, what would happen to Sun? Thomas Weisel Partners analyst Doug Reid weighs both of these questions in a note to investors today, and his answers are worth considering in light of reports that the European Commission may object to the deal.

Sun’s Business in Shambles Thanks to “Uncertainty Associated With the Proposed Acquisition by Oracle”

“The decrease in _____ revenue was primarily due to _____” and “uncertainty associated with the proposed acquisition by Oracle and increased competition.” That refrain is repeated over and over again in Sun’s latest grim earnings report, which was filed without much in the way of announcement Friday afternoon.

European Union Mulling Objection to Oracle-Sun Deal

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is famous for his admiration of “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu’s sixth-century treatise on battle tactics. And the ancient wisdom has served Ellison well in Oracle’s long-running battle with SAP and its hostile bid for PeopleSoft. But it may get him in trouble when it comes to Oracle’s dealings with the European Commission and its inquiry into the company’s planned acquisition of Sun. The Financial Times reports that Oracle’s refusal to offer any concessions to European antitrust regulators may lead them to issue a formal complaint objecting to the deal.

Q: What's the Difference Between Neelie Kroes and Larry Ellison?

What’s the difference between European Commission competition watchdog Neelie Kroes and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison? Kroes isn’t losing $100 million a month on Sun Microsystems. Much as Ellison would like to blame the European Commission for yesterday’s bloodletting at Sun, responsibility lies squarely with Oracle–at least, according to Competition Commissioner Kroes.

Sun to Sack 3,000

Ugly news. The end of Sun Microsystems as an independent company after 27 years is to be prefaced with a bloodletting. And a big one too. The company is sacking some 3,000 employees as it awaits the closing of Oracle’s planned $7.4 billion takeover.

Former MySQL Boss to EC: Approve Oracle-Sun Deal

Though he resigned earlier this year, former MySQL boss Mårten Mickos still has strong opinions about the open-source database outfit, which was acquired by Sun in 2008. In a letter to the European Commission Thursday, Mickos urged regulators to green-light Oracle’s takeover of Sun, arguing that to delay it will only harm competition.

HP, Oracle in Alleged Brocade Bromance

Brocade investors are smiling into their coffee cups this morning after reports that the networking-gear maker has put itself up for sale sent the company’s shares soaring. People familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg that Brocade is seeking a buyer and that both Hewlett-Packard and Oracle are among its potential suitors.

Another One of These Cloud Computing Rants and You’ve Got Yourself a Stand-Up Routine, Larry

The passing of a year hasn’t much changed Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s opinion of cloud computing. Remarking on the industry’s sudden fascination with the concept at Oracle OpenWorld last September, Ellison reduced it to a thin sheen of windshield condensation. In conversation with former Sun CEO Ed Zander at a Churchill Club event a little over a year later, Ellison expanded on those remarks, suggesting that if the cloud is anything, it’s a cloud of BS.

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