Apple’s Mac Pro Starts Shipping Tomorrow

The tube-shaped maxed-out Mac starts at $2,999.

Five Key Features of Mavericks, Appleā€™s New OS for Macs

Upgrading your Mac to the Mavericks operating system? Here’s what you need to know.
Mavericks Desktop

How a Free OS Will Pay Off for Apple

Offering Mavericks for free is good for Apple customers, but it also gives the company a host of benefits and competitive advantages.

The Laptops to Buy

There’s good news for laptop buyers, Walt says: The confusing changes in the sagging laptop industry have settled down enough that now may be the time to buy one.

Apple Rolls Out New Gadgets, Keeps Same Strategy

Apple’s latest offerings include the iPad Air, an iPad Mini with Retina display, new MacBooks, Mac Pros and lots of free software.

Apple’s New Mavericks OS X: Free. That’s Right, Free.

As first revealed at WWDC back in June, Apple’s new operating system for Macs improves the Safari browser and focuses on maximizing battery life.

What to Expect From Apple’s Fall iPad Event (Spoiler: New iPads!)

Fifth-generation iPad, second-generation iPad mini, OS X Mavericks, Haswell MacBook Pros …

Apple Likely to Ship OS X Mavericks in October

Have to get iOS 7 out the door first …

Controlling a PC or Mac, iPad-Style

Parallels Access, a new iPad app, treats the computer programs it accesses as if they were iPad apps, without sacrificing functionality.

Circle September 10 on Your Calendar for Apple’s Big iPhone Event

Sources say that’s the date for Apple’s next special event. The big question now is whether Apple will debut a new low-cost phone in addition to the traditional yearly update of its flagship model.

Windows or Apple?