Oscar Insurance Founders Bring a Techie Take to Obamacare (Interview)

By bridging the healthcare process together, Oscar thinks it can be more effective and cheaper. And, not a pain in the ass for all involved.
Oscar co-founders Josh Kushner and Mario Schlosser

When You Try to Raise $30K and Instead Get $1.8M (And Counting)

The creators of 3Doodler say they were totally unprepared for its success — but that doesn’t mean they’re not able to fulfill the demand.

Viral Video: Hollywood Loves Obama Again

Welcome to the era of the “docu-ganda”!

Viral Video: Oscar Host Billy Crystal Is a Yeti?

Hooray for Hollywood!

Winklevii: How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away? (Plus the Full Court Ruling)

It seems Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the Don Quixote twins of the digital age, have tilted at yet another legal windmill unsuccessfully. So now, after losing another court challenge to overturn a previous court challenge, they’ll have to settle for $65 million. Actually, $100 million, which is how much shares in Facebook have appreciated since the pair and also Divya Narendra settled with the social networking giant.


Web Shows Get Ambitious

Technology and media companies are racing to create Internet-video hits closer to the scale of traditional TV, as consumers start to watch more video on Internet-connected televisions and tablet computers.

"The Social Network" Falls Short at Oscars

“The Social Network,” the Hollywood version of the founding of Facebook, won three out of the eight Oscars it was nominated for on Sunday, but not the grand prize of best picture.

The Socialized and Appified Oscars

It’s not just that movie about social networking that will be featured at this weekend’s Oscars. There are also social media and mobile app tie-ins up the wazoo. Here’s a sampling of what’s on tap for the big night:

Viral Video: 50 2010 Movie Spoilers in Three Minutes

Just in time for the upcoming Oscars, BoomTown always really enjoys the Fine Brothers’ annual movie spoilers in three minutes video. If you did not see most of the 50 films herein for 2010–and, like me, you don’t plan to–you are in luck. But if you are hoping to get to them eventually on Netflix, don’t watch!

Viral Video: Schwiiiing–"Wayne's World" Reunion

Excellent! Although they did not do their patented line–“Schwiiiing”–Wayne and Garth (also known as Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) of faux cable show “Wayne’s World” were back on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. And it was a welcome visit.

Winklevii Vs. Zuck: Who'd You Rather?