Square’s Next Round Could Swipe a $4 Billion Valuation

Square is seeking to raise a fresh round of capital at a valuation of up to $4 billion, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.
Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Twitter List Service TLists Becomes Sulia, Raises $3.5 Million

Ah! You can still raise money for a start-up whose fate is tied directly to Twitter. And it doesn’t hurt if you’re actually working with Twitter while you do it.

Time Inc. Pines for a Kindle Killer–If Someone Else Builds It

Is Time Inc. building a Kindle Killer? Nope. A report suggests that Time Inc. wants to get into the hardware business and produce its own e-reader. That’s something other publishers, like Hearst and News Corp., are actually doing or have at least mulled. But multiple sources familiar with the Time Warner unit’s thinking say that’s not the case here.

Weekend Update 5.03.09–Special Musical Chairs Edition

If there was an over-arching theme for this last week on All Things D, it would have to be musical chairs. Brand new MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta started things off Monday with his first day on the job. He was joined by new COO and former AOL exec Mike Jones and new chief product officer and former Sling Media exec Jason Hirschhorn.

Who Shot Valleywag? Gossip Bloggers Thomas (Outgoing) and Tate (Incoming) Speak!

Was it Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in Fraiche Yogurt with a Macbook Air? Or Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the streets of San Francisco with a Model S? Or, most likely of all, Marissa Mayer of Google in the penthouse with a Manolo Blahnik spiked heel? For all the invective this trio has taken from him, all would certainly be prime suspects if some nefarious fate befell Valleywag’s always controversial gossip blogger, Owen Thomas. Actually, the truth is a little more mundane: The self-described “scourge of [Silicon] Valley” is moving onto another digital job as head of NBC Universal’s new Bay Area Web site, whose motto is “Locals Only.” Deceptively fresh-faced Ryan Tate is his replacement. Here are Thomas’s last words on the controversial gossip site.

Yahoo Buying Tumblr? “Categorically Untrue.”

And they say bloggers don’t work! I had to get off my sickbed today to call David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr, and ask him if he really was in talks to sell his company to Yahoo, as Gawker/Valleywag reported. For the record, Karp says the report is “categorically untrue.”

Mark Zuckerberg: Bad Santa

Facebook’s virtual gift market may turn out to be the best holiday shopping option for employees hoping to cash out some of their shares. On Thursday, the company postponed a program that would have allowed employees to sell up to 20 percent of their vested shares.

Gawker Media’s Nick Denton: Anyone Want to Buy a Blog?

The Gawker Media boss puts his Consumerist site up for sale and folds his Valleywag tech gossip site into his flagship Gawker gossip site. More moves to come. In fact, it wouldn’t be Denton if there were not more moves to come.

The Online Ad Slowdown, by the Numbers

Gawker Media’s Nick Denton says publishers are still underestimating the coming ad collapse. Don’t believe him? Then look at the data from Jupiter Media–yet another online publisher who saw its business tank in the last quarter.

The Curious Case of Facebook's Benjamin Ling and Sheryl Sandberg

Here’s one certainty in the hubbub that has resulted in the wake of the departure of high-profile exec Ben Ling from Facebook last week: COO Sheryl Sandberg is definitely not responsible for the melting of the polar ice caps. That’s the joking question–Was global warming Sandberg’s fault too?–that was asked at a staff meeting at the social networking start-up last Friday afternoon, after the news of Ling’s departure, on the heels of some other previous employee exits, suddenly morphed into a series of increasingly vituperative posts on the Valleywag tech gossip site that all centered on what blogger Owen Thomas called Sandberg’s “reign of terror” at Facebook. The truth of the situation, though, is actually a lot more interesting.

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