Palm Handsets Priced to Pwn

Remarking on slowing sales of the Pre in August 2009, Pali Research analyst Walter Piecyk suggested that Palm and Sprint, its sole carrier partner at the time, would be wise to drop the price of the device to 99 cents and put it in the hands of as many customers as possible before it lost the little differentiated advantage it had. Piecyk’s advice went unheeded–until the past few weeks.

Warner and Redbox Settle Up; Consumers Will Wait to Watch

Redbox, which looked like a major problem for Hollywood a few months ago, may be a little more palatable after all. Now Redbox renters, like Netflix subscribers, will have to wait a month to watch their favorite new movies.

Verizon Wireless: 30 Percent Cut to Voice, 50 Percent Increase to Data

Verizon Wireless rolled out some new wireless pricing plans this morning, promising “affordable convenience.” And the carrier does provide that if you’re a feature phone user with little need for a data package. Or an AT&T customer.

Sprint Undervalued by as Much as 50 Percent? Keep Dreaming…

If Sprint, as Barron’s recently claimed, deserves more respect on Wall Street, it’s not going to find it at Pali Research, which clearly does not see the same 50 percent upside potential in the company’s shares. In a note to investors this morning, Pali analyst Walter Piecyk says he’s not buying predictions about Sprint returning to growth in 2010.

When Will Warner Music Group Finally Buy EMI?

Are Warner Music Group and EMI, which have been circling each other for nearly a decade, finally ready to consummate their relationship? That’s the obvious question in light of news that both Terra Firma, the private equity group that bought EMI in 2007, and Citigroup, which funded most of that transaction, have written down most of their investments in the music company.
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AT&T Earnings Expected to Be Better Than Expected

AT&T reports third-quarter earnings Thursday and by all accounts, they should be strong enough, thanks to the sheer size of the company’s footprint and, of course, its exclusive carrier rights to the iPhone.

New from Sprint: The $99 Palm Pre [UPDATED]

Sprint effectively lowered the price of the Palm Pre today to $99 for new customers only, offering a $100 service credit to those who port their numbers over from another carrier. To be eligible for the promotion, customers must purchase the Pre along with a two-year service agreement and abandon their current carriers. UPDATE: Sprint has cancelled the offer. You’ll find further details, here.

Streaming Video Better on Pre Than on iPhone?

Though it got off to a slow start, Palm’s App Catalog is slowly evolving into the ecosystem for which the company had hoped. It recently surpassed four million downloads and is poised for a bit of a growth spurt now that more applications have begun to appear on its virtual shelves. Indeed, in the last week, the number of applications available for the Pre increased by 40 percent to 58.

Apple to End AT&T iPhone Exclusivity Within a Year?

Another point worth pulling out from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s recent research note about Apple, this one regarding AT&T’s iPhone-exclusivity deal: Munster doesn’t see it lasting much beyond this year.

Analyst to Sprint: You'd Sell More Pres if They Cost 99 Cents

A renewed advertising push for the Palm Pre and an increase in the number of applications available for it haven’t done much for the device’s sales. According to Pali Research analyst Walter Piecyk, weekly Pre sales are holding steady in the mid-20,000 range at which they stabilized a few weeks back. One way for Sprint to spur sales, says Piecyk: Cut the price of the Pre to $99, or even 99 cents

AT&T: Thank God for Vitamin i

IBM Shrugs Off Econalypse

Pre Sales Slow Again