Unquantified Self

I’m here to tell you that Quantified Self is no solution to America’s weight problem. It’s merely a feel good fairy tale, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

— Fitness coach and Fitocracy co-founder Dick Talens, writing on PandoDaily about why Fitbit and Jawbone Up aren’t the key to lasting fitness

Trade Journalism

Instead of trying to shame tech blogs into covering Silicon Valley more critically, let’s stop holding them to the standards of traditional journalism and start thinking of them instead as trade publications.

— From a story in NYMag by Kevin Roose largely about TechCrunch and PandoDaily

Why DreamWorks’ AwesomenessTV Deal Paid Off Big for Hollywood Agency UTA

Hollywood has been trying to figure out Web video for a long time. They got this one right.
dreamworks awesomenessTV youtube brandcast jeffrey katzenberg

Vimeo Gets a New Boss: AOL, Yahoo Vet Kerry Trainor

Earlier this year, video site Vimeo showed off a new look. Now it has a new CEO. Next up, perhaps, real ad dollars.