KatieCam: Anne Sweeney and I. Marlene King on Parent-Policed TV (Video)

Would they let their kids watch “Pretty Little Liars”?

Max Levchin’s New Plan: To Get You Pregnant (And Improve Health Care in the Process)

Levchin is tackling the $5 billion dollar fertility business.

Yes, This Is Happening: VTech Just Made a Tablet for Your 12-Month-Old

VTech is hoping to tap into one of the last unexplored tablet markets: Infants.

Code Alert: Tynker Wants to Teach Your Child to Tinker With Tech

A “learn to code” platform for youngsters in third through eighth grade tries to teach kids how to think like a programmer.
Tynker 1

BermanBraun’s Mom.me Enters the Crowded Parenting Space, Offering “Mass With Class”

A new site aimed at “moms who happen to be parents.”

Exclusive: Disney Acquires “Sophisticated” Mommy Blog Platform Babble Media

Organic arugula alert: Disney’s interactive unit is calling all urban hipster parents!

HuffPost at One Biiiilllliiion Monthly Page Views: More Buying, More Launching, More Hiring

It’s definitely better than one million!

Grrrrr…Tiger Mom Talks About Internet Frenzy Around Book

Last night, BoomTown attended a Silicon Valley book party for Amy Chua, the author of one of this year’s most talked-about tomes: “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” As it turns out, she says, the Internet got it all wrong about her controversial parenting advice.

Federated Media Snaps Up BigTent

Federated Media, the San Francisco-based advertising and publishing network, has acquired BigTent, a platform hosting more than 15,000 communities, mostly made up of parenting groups, especially moms. Terms of the deal with BigTent, also located in San Francisco, were not disclosed. In an interview, FM CEO John Battelle said the move was to further strengthen its tools for both the advertisers and publishers it serves, especially to create better “content conversations.”

My iKid–Who Previously iJacked My iPhone–Also iJacked My iPad (Now, With Extra Help From His Little iBrother)

A year ago, I blogged about my son, Louie, in a post titled: “My iKid iJacked My iPhone: A Geek Parenting Tragedy.” So I was curious to see if he would be as eager to grab the new Apple iPad I just got last week. The verdict: Yes, and–because of its larger size–he now uses the iPad in a much more social way with his younger brother, Alex.