Fortune’s Most Powerful Women List Has Lots of Tech Stars, With She-Can-Do-Anything Spotlight on Facebook’s Sandberg

I say we scramble all the private jets in Silicon Valley and get the “Lean In” book star to D.C. to lean on some pols to open the government again, tout de suite!


Most young people here don’t have the opportunity to interact with other nationalities. Gaming can be a bridge.

Alameen A. Layas, a Libyan gamer who co-founded Tripoli Electronic Sports Clubs Association and traveled to Paris in November for the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC)

The LeWeb Conference Sold to Reed Midem

The European conference gets a new owner.

Criteo Nabs $40 Million in Funding at $800 Million Valuation

Big money for performance display advertising start-up.

Viral Video: Finally, “Kara” Becomes a Cyborg (Bucket List, Check!)

I always wanted to be a Terminator.

Uber CEO Responds to New Year’s Eve Complaints, Plans More Surge Pricing

Even though some customers are uber-angry about the price of their Uber car rides on New Year’s Eve, CEO Travis Kalanick still says the night was a success.

Facebook Wants Writers and Famous People to Promote Its New Subscribe Feature

Facebook will “imminently” launch a plugin for publishers and public figures to ask their readers to subscribe on Facebook directly from their own Web sites.

Google+ Exec Is Now Really Plus One

Usually, I don’t fall for this kind of stuff, but a posting tonight on Google+ about a marriage proposal in Paris by one of the key execs involved in its recent launch, Bradley Horowitz, is too adorkable to resist. Better still: It’s not complicated.

France Brings in Tout Le Web Before the G8 Summit

Bonjour! Tout le Web heads for Paris tomorrow for a big Internet confab ahead of the annual G8 summit. Can its organizer, French President Nicholas Sarkozy, sell Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on his idea that we all need a “civilized Internet”?

Former Yahoo, AOL, HuffPo Sales Dude Greg Coleman Lands Again

Greg Coleman, the online advertising sales exec who keeps making bank after bouncing from top Web jobs, has a new one. The former Yahoo, AOL and Huffington Post sales leader has just taken a job as president of Criteo, a “personalized retargeting” company.

Who’s Going to Work for Nikki Finke?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Bing!

Celeb Editor Bonnie Fuller Speaks!