Twitter’s Head of Music Departs for Nielsen VP Gig

The music partnerships lead has left the building.

Box’s Aaron Levie and Jive’s Tony Zingale Talk About Teaming Up

The enemy of my frenemy is my ….

Facebook’s Rose: Content Discovery Has Always Been Social, and It Always Will Be

What does media on Facebook look like? Dan Rose, the company’s VP of partnerships, explains.

Stern Named Head of New Strategery Role at Yahoo

The man who has been the Swiss Army Knife of Yahoo will be key strategy guy for Thompson, who clearly wants to do a lot of strategizing.


Facebook Lures Google Dealmaker

Facebook has hired away Google’s director of corporate development, Amin Zoufonoun, making him its director of corporate development, where his responsibilities will likely include hiring other business development specialists and pursuing acquisitions and partnerships.

Microsoft to Add Multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone Later this Year

In an interview, Microsoft phone unit President Andy Lees walks through the changes that Redmond plans to make to bolster Windows Phone 7. Improvements coming later this year include Twitter integration, a better browser and the ability to do more things at once.

Nokia’s Microsoft Partnership: Does the New Strategy Add Up?

Nokia has already announced the key piece of its strategy–a shift to Windows Phone for its future smartphones. Now the company is set to talk about the financial implications of that and go through the rest of its strategy, which includes a mix of Symbian and even a dash of MeeGo. Mobilized has live coverage of the event, which started at around 4 am PT, or noon here in London.

AOL Sells Content Recommender Surphace to Content Recommender Outbrain

Or in the words of the trade: Here’s a story you may be interested in.

Android Market to Finally Get In-App Payments, Improved Discovery. When? "Soon."

Android will release an in-app payment system “soon,” said Eric Chu, group manager for Android platform at Google, speaking at Inside Social Apps in San Francisco today.

Q&A: Bill Gross's UberMedia Goes for a Third Name and Strategy

NetworkEffect talks to UberMedia, the perpetually renamed year-old start-up, about the business of buying up independent Twitter clients that compete with Twitter’s own options.

Binging in the Holidays (With Donuts!)

Yahoo’s Bradford Bails